By FGum - 30/07/2009 05:56 - United States

Today, I was running on a soccer field and accidentally dropped my gum from my mouth. No one had noticed so I picked it up and started chewing again. It was a different flavor. FML
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What the hell... you don't drop gum and put it back in your mouth...... It's disgusting

YDI for eating gum off a soccer field.


What the hell... you don't drop gum and put it back in your mouth...... It's disgusting

YDI for differentiating flavors.

YDI for differentiating flavors.

exactly! why the hell would you ever put a gum that dropped on the floor back into your mouth? grosss

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Why are you chewing gum while you're playing soccer in the first place?

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@ #47. I don't know about you, but when I work out and play sports, I like to chew gum. I'm pretty sure a lot of other people do. Swim is my sport though. So I guess I wouldn't chew gum in a pool, but I do when I work out at the gym. @ OP: That's just disgusting. You deserve it.

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Chewing gum while working out is a REALLY bad idea. It's more possible to choke that way. OP: YDI for picking gum off a soccer field. Ew!

Where is the FML?? You didn't like the chewing gum that fell on the ground?? FYL because God gave you a stupid brain..

all I have to say is yuck

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Its not that big of a deal...its just like sharing a drink or food.

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Thats like sharing with who? The animals that pee on the grass? The persons cleat who stepped in dog shit? The ants/ticks/etc that reside in the grass?

YDI for eating gum off a soccer field.

PEOPLE! It's just stride berry to mint!

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^^ lol

YDI for eating gum ON a soccer field. Any decent soccer player isn't such a dumbass as to chew gum while playing.

yahh it was a different flavor, dirt flavored... yum

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Well that's pretty revolting.

WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! That's just gross.

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strawberry to mint!

You know why it tasted different? You didn't obey the 3 second rule.

Three second rule doesn't work.

I thought it was 5 seconds...anyway, I don't know what you expected, OP.

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Who cares if no one was looking? It's repulsive either way.

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YDI for playing and taking interest in soccer

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I tried soccer for two years. I was mid-field. Never again. It's boring.

FOOTBALL is awsome and YDI for calling it soccer

You're not american, are you 82?