By JennyAndrews - United Arab Emirates
Today, I was texting this cute guy that I like. After a couple of minutes I get a missed call from him, I call back and his girlfriend answers and says "Hi this is his girlfriend, please stop calling him". FML
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  sarcdude  |  3

@Grapefruit: I don't doubt it, a lot of the girls I talk to don't give their phone numbers out to boys that their boyfriend doesn't know, or not to any boys at all.

  MagicMeds  |  0

If you like someone, you want to talk to them regardless of whether you CURRENTLY have a chance with them, because you like them. Is this not obvious?

And tell the gf to not be such a jealous bitch. If she's worried about him leaving, she should be a better girlfriend, not try to make other girls look worse.

  Comoke1024  |  19

What I wonder is why he didn't give more of an indication earlier, himself.

A couple of terse responses or ignoring her texts would have gotten the point across.

Or an easy inclusion of his relationship status like "I'm meeting my girlfriend for dinner now, talk to you later."

Sounds like an FYL to me, OP. Sorry! He could have handled that better.