By 4fucksake - 18/07/2010 23:26 - Ireland

Today, my boyfriend showed me how he gives himself a semi-erection before he goes into the men's showers after training so his penis will look bigger in front of all the guys. I find it worrying that he won't have sex with me, but has no problem walking around in front of men naked with a semi. FML
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smokergirl420 0

there's something wrong with that boy >.>


Sooo...he wants to look bigger in front of other guys, and that probably means he has looked at other dudes penises. Just odd. O.o

Arsonnist 3

I hope the other guys don't drop the soap. It would be FML for all of them.

OhWowFYLindeed 0

He showed you at least? xD

jade567 0

31- you are very sexy. (: OP- just... wow. *shakes head in disbelief*

MarkFeehily 0

I'm curious as to how he gives himself a semi-wood!

Agreed 36 I wanna know this secret to learn how to impress all my indoubtably heterosexual male friends.

ImsoMikhail 0

dress up as a man and watch him shower, in front off other guys :)

I thought I was the only one haha. But the "not having sex with you" is kinda worrying.

hahaha I'm from roscommon nd even Im shocked we won yesterday. not even at d end wen it was so close did ye pull it from under us, Mayo would ha :P :D haha

if he had to show you how to give him a semi and he won't have sex with you maby it's cuz you don't no how to make his penis get semi or fully hard?

w00ble 0

#69 have a point, but it is kind of implied they haven't had sex together before and sounds like OP wants to, so I think I'd be more worried about the guy hehe. I cant imagine wanting to be erect or semi-erect while being around other naked guys...plain old nudity on the other hand I have no problem with :)

stunnone 0

by semi I hope you mean a gun. but then again that would be weird if he walks around naked with a gun in a shower full of guys. sounds like genocide or something.

#86, I agree. I t's understandable that he dosn't want too look small in front of other guys, but I think that's a little much:/ I bet he's really self conscious about his size..

what's weird about that? tbh, half the guys at my gym do that.

cantfightfate 0

it's definitely more of an insecurity thing than a gay thing. girls are concerned about getting naked in front of other girls too when they have an insecurity.

that guy's a genius lol although it would be hard for me to keep it in a semi state with a bunch of naked dudes around...

pop_a_squat 2

Just curious #86, but did you get your username from Romeo & Juliet? I like it.

sounds like sum1 needs to get over themselves!:)

86: Self-deprecation?! From you?! I like it! ;)

OliviaNicole 5

Okay so he's self conscious. Maybe he's afraid you've had sex with guys who were bigger and thought you'd leave him. That's how my boyfriend was for a while. But that is kinda entertaining.

I find it very weird that he wants to look bigger in front of other guys. this means he obviously looked at the other guys penises. fyl op

lol does he hav "self confidence issues".

r6_fml 4

#131 did you just tell everyone that your boyfriend has a small penis?

lonesomeXheartbr 0

I go in with a full erection

nabo4u 0

seems like there's absolutely nothing wrong with your man. we all love semi chubbing ourselves up and then go shower with other dudes. stop worrying. and he's probably not doing you cuz you're too ugly. grow a mustache, stop shaving your legs, and grow a penis. that ought to do it

FreshSalad 1
pepper3434 0

#143, I find that sort of disturbing.

#158 - um, obviously a guy. a hott guy.

Krajjan 9

Wow. When I was in Basic, it was a mortal sin for anyone to even accidentally flick their eyes below the waist. Someone dropped the soap, it stayed there. Someone got caught looking below the waist, they got doused with a five gallon bucket of ice water. Someone had a hard-on or semi and someone else noticed, they both got doused with ice water. It's the rules.

nicknesser 0

I go in with a bathing suit.

was this before or after he asked you to out in your strap on and cornhole him

I hate to break it to you, but your boyfriend is gay. Dump him and tell him that he needs to be honest with himself and get out of the f*>+ing closet.

Savannah_97 0

****, I think ur really sexy

ahahaha ALL THE GUNS ARE SHOOTING!!! AAAHHHHHH... I ******* hate public change rooms, there's always that odd old man in the corner

mjcdsjf 0

You're talking about sexual details. Commenter no. 69. AWESOME...sorta

Chrisskiies 0

Sounds like he likes being turned on around guys. O.o

smokergirl420 0

there's something wrong with that boy >.>

jmcu 0

Baha my bf does this too - he still wants to have sex with me though. I think you need to seriously evaluate that one.

smokergirl420 0

my bf doesn't do that and he has sex with me... I can see why a dude would want to make his dick look bigger around other guys, but you can clearly tell when a dude is semi hard so don't you think that if another dude saw that accidentally it would make him uncomfortable?

he worries about dicks and not servicing pussey?

razorp 0

it's called a chub, not a semi