Self sabotage

By Anonymous - 15/08/2012 17:41 - United States

Today, I was drawing while on the train, when a very good-looking woman looked at my work and said, "Wow, she's pretty. Is it supposed to be me?" She'd said it in a flirty tone, but before I could stop myself, I'd said, "Nah, it's just a generic face." FML
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Get your foot out your mouth and say "this one doesn't compare to you", you're welcome.


ArielTheMermaid 17

Not an artist. But artists and theater boys are way hotter than athletes

You could have so capitalized on that! Nah, it's just a generic face. But you. *look at her* your face would make beautiful art. If I had a chance to draw it, it could be one of my best drawings, if not the best.

20 - I don't really agree with that. I'm straight but at my school athletes are much more appealing. Male or female. All of the drama/artsy people are freaking weird (and usually unattractive). I mean, to each their own but that's how its always been out here. Nothing wrong with being drama/artist but I personally prefer athletes.

OP - 'Nah, it's just a generic face' Pick up line of the century, well done sir.

56 - U callin me ugly m8??? I'm kidding obviously and of course many of the people in my graphics class would be beyond weird though, so I can't even prove a point hahaa

Lennes 12

Actually 56, I am a theatre type person, and as you can no doubt tell from my profile picture, I am ridiculously attractive.

Well just to add on to the Theatre v. Athletes thing... I'm a theate girl but I personally think athletes are more attractive and not only cause many theatre guys are gay (cause at my school most are straight) but just cause lol

I was into theatre in high school. I agree that athletic guys are typically hotter, but. . .have a theatre guy with an amazing voice sing to you. *shudders*. It's a huge turn on

cantthinkofshit 5

The only "theatre guy" I remember from high school had downs syndrome. So honestly the only reason I remember is because everyone hated me for laughing when he tried to sing or say a line.

StayClassyLassy 6
ArielTheMermaid 17

56 I'm not saying they aren't. But personally, I think theater boys are attractive, but I also know that not everyone thinks that way. I wasn't bashing on anyone' preferences, but I apologize if it came off that way

My highschool is an all girls school, so when the boys come over to be in theater, you can bet they are more attractive then the athletes we don't have!

Get your foot out your mouth and say "this one doesn't compare to you", you're welcome.

flutter4 7

"This one doesn't compare to you" "So you callin' me ugly or somethin' are you? Well **** you, punk."

MichellinMan 20

This one doesnt compare to you....your 10 times worse. Hope he doesn't say that one either!

Llama_Face89 33

Don't sweat it, you get it next time :)

This reminds me of something that Daniel Tosh would say. I think I've been watching Tosh.0 waaaay too much lately. Can't help myself, though

Well, she must be pretty confident to consider herself pretty, so you probably have a chance with her. And hey, at least you were honest.

Actually, she sounds pretty vain. Maybe you dodged a very high maintenance bullet.

cloak057_fml 8

He probably only wanted to have sex anyway

Uh re-read the comments. They all know OP is the guy. They are talking about the girl he is talking to.

Uh re-read the comments. They all know OP is the guy. They are talking about the girl he is talking to.

You should get Howard (W) to help you pick women up on trains. ;)

Or Raj (K) with his non-alcoholic beer.

Even Sheldon (C) would be helpfull, in this case !

Perhaps even Penny (N/A) could help you here.

When you get desperate you can call Amy (F).

That was awesome; thanks TBBT fans! Once you're all bored, call Bernadette (R-W); wildebeests are known to rock parties.

Psych101 9

OP, your drawing skills are only surpassed by your quick wit.

That's kind of nice though. Your idea of a generic face is considered pretty instead of plain. There's beauty in everyone.

It's cute you made it deeper than it really was.

ImmaB3AST 7

So, Raj, the guy who can't talk to girls without alcohol got close to a date with a celebrity on a train and you can't even talk to a girl correctly...

007type 26

Either I misinterpreted 4 wrong, or this is the second Big Bang Theory reference on this FML

ImmaB3AST 7

The Howard one was a Big Bang Theory reference? He completely didn't get the girl..

LittleGreenPaola 23

It's hot in here, must be Summer.

18- I know, but at least Howard could talk to her without a psychological malfunction :P

42: because Howard is psychologically dysfunctional.

cameraman97 4

Was the woman sitting next to you? Then I would understand why she asked...

007type 26

Is it legal for someone as stupid as you to live?

9, do I need to draw you a picture so you can understand this?

"Paper can't display your beauty." Good Luck :P

LonelyLoser93 3

I think I'd try, "There is no canvas worthy of your beauty." :)