By Anonymous - 20/11/2010 15:46 - United States

Today, I took my driver's test. I was so nervous that I peed my pants halfway through the exam. FML
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memo619 0

did you pass?

canoe* Wait, how do you play this game?


memo619 0

did you pass?

If OP didn't pass it would be double FML for her

Op, ydi for driving with a vagina! Just kidding(:

pnutbutterandkel_fml 0

Ew LOL!!!

if the instructor knew, I doubt he'd let her pass if it makes her piss her pants to drive for a driving test...

OrginalOwen 0

Women can drive? Hahahahahah..hahaha!!

my sister had her test today too.

Everyones pees the first time.

+1 for that reference

BroadwayBound 0

did SHE at least pass? xD

Pass, piss! so close but yet so far!

KingDingALing 9

#47 is right. Sometimes people even shit their pants...just like I did...

KiddNYC1O 20

Pees of cake, that test.

I wish I could a-pees readers with clever jokes. :'/


wow I didn't know they let 3 year olds take the driving test.

Seems to me like urine a musty situation.

how does this even happen? when o get nervous I can not pee.

I'm not sure what to say to this... when would you be nervous and trying to pee at the same time?

I'd be pretty pissy after that

perhaps a drug test 94?

HEnRyEdwardsIII 15

someone must have a UTI, prostate issues or STI, if they're nervous and they can't urinate.

HEnRyEdwardsIII 15

someone must have a UTI, prostate issues or STI, if they're nervous and they can't urinate.

xshowmethehueix 0

ah don't be nervous, when I took it the instructor was looking at her phone the whole time.

gross profile pic!

fruityloopz 4

it can't be THAT bad of a scare to piss your pants, can it?

GreenDayInHell 0

that's horrible!

Wow, you must have a really weak bladder and suffer from some anxiety. Start wearing the depends now if you get nervous over such minor shit.

did the instructor lol at your fail?

o wow... maybe u should get some diapers...

omg..looks just like my dog!!!!!!!!!!is it a Siberian husky????

I think it's a German Shepard

#92 -Hmm..I don't think has the face and chest of a husky but, not the ears.

omg! They do look alike! Except for the ears.

it's a mix of a malamute, the unvisible fuzzy tail, a husky , the coloring , and a lab, the floppy ears

skittlebabe 0

suks... did u pass at least?

mintcar 9

So did you mention it to the instructor? Or did you marinate in your urine until the test was completed? Either way I hope you passed despite you'd nervousness.

fakeaccountX 6

"Marinate in your urine...." Oh man I just got the weirdest image

mintcar 9

your* Oops. Sorry 17.