By lrn2road - 24/06/2014 15:04 - United States - Sacramento

Today, I was screamed at by a lady for riding my bike too slowly in front of her car. I was in the bike lane, and so was she. FML
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people need to notice if theyre doing something wrong before blaming someone else

qdawg06 23

So many dumb drivers out there. Smh.


people need to notice if theyre doing something wrong before blaming someone else

That would require common decency, and we can't have that!

But that's not the American way. The American way is to bitch even if you're wrong.

There's no excuse for people being idiotic assholes #28, I don't care where you are from.

My bad, I forgot to put "/Sarcasm" at the end of my post, I'll try to remember next time...

incoherentrmblr 21

Are you in Louisiana?...

Never! Because this is #Murica!

We'd lose out on so many FMLs though! :(

#44 You cannot properly convey sarcasm through text.

So it would seem 80, I thought the wording made it obvious but I guess I was wrong.

qdawg06 23

So many dumb drivers out there. Smh.

Some people shouldn't be allowed to drive, i.e. the woman in this story.

That should be "e.g. this woman."

both work btw

crazytwinsmom 25

I became a more patient driver around cyclists after I started riding to work myself a lot. I wish all drivers would have to ride a bike for even just one mile in a little traffic before getting or renewing their license.

World_Burner 13

Bicyclists aren't without responsibility though. Just because you have the legal right away doesn't mean you can shut out the world.

crazytwinsmom 25

Agreed, not only for consideration but especially safety. When you are in the bike lane though, you shouldn't have to worry about cars as much. You still should be aware though because there are jerks out there like her.

World_Burner 13

Cute.. those down votes just prove me right. lol

I actually agree #63, but that's not the point. Cyclists who whine nearly always are the ones being safe, and twice as aware of the road than the people piloting metal death machines.

Keep some coins in your pocket and causally throw them behind you if this happens again..

Are we going for fighting bad drivers or be fancy as shit here?

Pennies I would hope. Don't want to throw away too much money on arseholes.

Make it rocks, that'll teach a bitch a lesson

Or tacks

I hope the realization sinks in, and she feels like an asshole.

A lot of people wouldn't feel like an asshole and would continue to blame the other person because they somehow believe that they can't be wrong.

I'd tell you to brake check but you might die

A07 48

I fail to understand how do ignorant people like that not get pulled over?

But yet if you were to do something like that then the cop would be there...

A07 48

Nah bro, I dont do stuff like that.

World_Burner 13

#50 lol Talking with my old man a few days ago, he entered the bike lane a little too soon when turning right. No bicyclists anywhere, my dad and two others were pulled over. As he was getting a ticket, I guess a dozen people did exactly what he did right in front of the cop. A week later, he saw a semi do it and no ticket. f his life lol

I ment if it were by accident or intentionally. then the cop would be there to pull you over.

She was old huh?

Old people already drive slow ;) the bandit was just young and ignorant.

1dvs_bstd 41

There's a story of a lady who hit a dude's car, she came down and repeatedly slapped the humble man. He didn't react and the lady was like "you just wait till my husband arrives" and proceeds to call her husband. When her husband arrived, to his dismay it was his boss. The boss didn't require much, he just wanted the bitch to slap her husband the same way she slapped him. Moral of the story is; bitches gonna be bitches, and she's stupid. Hope you kept your cool!

Why would the boss want his wife to slap himself? I don't get it?

graceinsheepwear 33

the boss was the first one slapped; he wasn't the husband.

Oohhh. I see now. That makes a lot more sense.

As a cyclist, I hate drivers. As a driver, I hate cyclists.

As a cyclist I hate cyclists. I always seem to be the only one wearing a helmet, wearing reflectors, using lights and obeying traffic signals and road markings. "I have the same right to the road as a car" act like it and stop being idiots.

91hayek 31

As a pedestrian I am amazed at the irrational and intense rage of everyone who share the roads have towards each other. We are so polite on sidewalks to not bump each other, but give us wheels and we become Sauron.

As a driver, I hate pedestrians. As a pedestrian, I hate drivers. In both cases I hate cyclists.

QueenofWheels 13

Didn't know adults wore helmets

Then you shouldn't be the queen of wheels

World_Burner 13

#43, IDK where you live but sidewalks are almost as dangerous as the road. Unless you don't bump into other people, other people will walk right into you as they're glued to their phone and blame you.

Way too many self entitled idiots on the road.