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Today, after some filing mistakes, and a lot of waiting on hold, I'm finally registered for Spring classes. I was ready to enjoy this term, until I found out that my ex, who was forced into therapy after he threatened to kill me, is in half of my classes. FML
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  jayellef  |  3

while I agree that you should switch your classes, it might be harder then it looks. especially if your following a certain schedule/plan to finish on time. I'm wondering how long it has been since they broke up? maybe it's been over a year and he doesn't care about her anymore. I would talk to the teacher and see if you can do the work over the Internet. some teachers allow that. if they are art classes most of my teachers let me go in at different times to work on projects. good luck!

  CitrusGirl  |  0

Looks like it's time for her to contact the school! if they're putting her in classes with someone who threatened her life, she shouldn't have to sacrifice her education.

  EazyB29  |  0

restraining orders aren't that easy to get. you need proof or a witness that heard the person or read an email threatening you. talk to your school about switching classes or start next term. good luck!

  KiroBloodDrunk  |  14

Well sweetie, the question is, are you strong enough to "jump" him? And will you be brave enough when you really ends up in such a situation?
The simple answer is: No!
You won't be able to just "jump" a person who wants to kill you, 'cause you're just a 12 year old girl playing "badass". Go somewhere else like a playground, and play "badass" with your little friends instead.

By  xmarkstheheart  |  0

Seriously, like #6 said, a restraining order would have prevented that. At the very least even without one, I'm sure whatever evidence that he was "forced" into therapy would be enough to get him forced out of your classes. Honestly, it should be enough to get him forced out of your school.

FYL, but a little YDI for not applying the needed legal protection.