By Anonymous - United States
Today, I was reading in my apartment. Due to a heatwave and my lack of AC, I was completely naked. My cat jumped onto my lap, and as her claws dug into my stomach, I recoiled. This caused her to retreat, clawing at my nether regions in the process. My pussy mauled my pussy. FML
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  jdimaria3  |  13

I'm a guy, and I for one would not enjoy seeing a girls pussy get attacked by a cat.

  Markus12  |  8

I'm curious... What kind of insecurities do you guys Deal with? I always see tiny guys on here posing infront of the mirror half naked... Why? No one gives a shit about your 4 Pack or your 25 cm biceps. Not impressed.

  CTMPandemonium  |  16

Bestiality for the win!! Lol

  Guy1009  |  15

Did you see the cat scratch the inside of its owner eyelid when all the owner did was put her face next to the cat's? I put my face up against my dog's face countless times, no injuries.

  Sora_McKain  |  36

vajeeper, that is so awesome! Much better than vajayjay. (Although I do have a friend named Jay and we all call him vajayjay, it's only funny because he's gay though.)

  Nyx_fml  |  23

This seems like a master plan: waiting for an FML about cats so you can make comments about girls' pussies without seeming like a creep. Genius! Except that you do still sound a bit like a creep, so there's still work to be done.