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Today, I was preparing to perform with my marching band at a competition. Right before we went on, a tuba player friend of mine offered to help me stretch. He wound up snapping my bra. I'm a drum major, and had to conduct the entire show while my boobs were falling out. FML
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If your uniform is like most marching band uniforms, they should be well-covered anyways =p

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...up my pussy, haha PS. its was a flute not a clarinet

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I am drum major and I totally feel you. poor girl!

I think zhejan was talking from his own experience ;) _________________________

It's funny because everyone on the field should have been looking at you.

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At least the band could subdivide by looking.

But... you did not say whether you are a male or female....?

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this has happened to me. i play cymbals- imagine doing visuals and such in that situation! it's not that bad though. marching uniforms are always thick enough to where you can't actually see your boobs popping out.

A friend of yours "helped you stretch" then your bra snapped? Sounds more like a quickie before the performance. Today, I performed in a marching band competition. Our drum major's bra broke and her **** were falling out. I threw up in my trumpet. FML

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uhm yeah if ur in a marching band wouldnt u be wearing a uniform? n if ur wearing a uniform wouldnt ur body be covered? n if ur body is covered wouldnt ur boobs be covered?? yeah im sorry but this sounds fake. if ur boobs were falling out then u were wearing something too loose n probably too slutty for a Marching Band Competition!! or you made this fml up w/out thinking about it first.... i.e.> Y D I !!

My show band used to have DMs wear tuxes and the girls wear nice black dresses. A couple years ago, we had a girl whose dress was extremely pretty but not so conservatively cut. This would have been possible if the OP wore a similar dress. Not every band has the DMs wear uniforms like the marchers'.

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not all girl dm's wear dresses, my dm last yr was a girl and she wore a tux.

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Drum majors dant always wear uniforms. In my band our drum majors either wore a dress or a tuxedo.

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#171 only regular band members wear uniforms. drum majors(girls) usually wear very pretty dresses. so yeah this is totally possible

Actually, a lot of the drum majors have different uniforms. The girl drum majors in my marching band always wore dresses that they picked so it is completely possible for this to have happened.

If your uniform is like most marching band uniforms, they should be well-covered anyways =p

Actually when I was in marching band last year, the drum major was in the Color gaurd(flag twirlers) and she wore a silk top and bottom. The top showed massive cleavage (we believed it was the idea of the director but had no proof haha) and they all had massive boobs. Like they were all double D's and they always carried around an extra bra just in case for such incident that this mght have happened hahaha They all shared the same bras because they could fit eachothers They were all bi :] good year good good year

Pics or it didn't happen, please, because that sounds a little like heaven.

I'm with 176, wth, all massive and had the same bra size with extra bras and silk indecent...*drools*..

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Flag SPINNERS. Twirlers are majorettes. :)

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I say this is fake. Being in band myself, I know that the uniforms are too thick to allow someone to snag their bra, and even if it did happen, they wouldn't fall out of your uniform.

But if you're a drum major, sometimes the uniforms are a little thinner or aren't in the same style as the band uniforms. Last year my DM wore a dress because it was a Latin show and it had a pretty low back, and if her bra strap was snapped, it would have been inconvenient.

Obviously none of you are drum majors or women. Assuming that the girl's bra wasn't a good one, it easily could have popped if she moved the wrong way while stretching. If she were wearing a costume, she could have easily had someone re-hook her bra. However, it is very difficult to get out of a full uniform, especially if, like many drum majors, she had to have her gauntlets sewn on to prevent them from flying away while she conducted. Finally, by saying that her boobs were falling out, she doesn't mean that they were literally falling out of her uniform, just that they were bouncing around outside of her bra, which is very uncomfortable and would make conducting a pain in the ass.

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true, and they have to have a straight face! But aren't you supposed to wear a sports bra? The band people at my school do.

Not necessarily, at my school the girls just wear regular bras and then they wear a white tshirt over it. Some decide to wear sport bras just so its not as annoying and less to worry about, but this same situation happened to my gf in the flute section right before our biggest competition of the year. It was quite hilarious.

Sports bras are a plus, but the uniforms are shapeless so you can't really tell unless your mega disproportionate. But I agree, it's better to have the girls up and not bouncing around noticeably while conducting.

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A lot of female drum majors who don't march any part of the show wear dresses or fancy getups, especially in Indiana. I was drum major 2 years; one I marched part of, (because I wasn't head drum major), so I wore a regular uniform. The other I got the low cut dress.

So why wear something different from the rest of the band? Doesn't seem very professional, no matter what they chose to wear. Isn't the marching band supposed to be one single entity and not just a marching band and their drum major? Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

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You must not be in band. I just-.. Just know that was a ridiculous comment. Go ask a band kind.

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I kno right? about a halftime show

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THIS @ #5 @op: At least you know he was paying attention to the beat during the performance...

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lol doubt anyone else cared :D nah jk that suck O-O

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Yeah, I've never seen a marching band uniform that would allow breasts to fall out of. Much less even tell if they were bouncing around or not...

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I'm a drum major with D can see boobs waaay too clearly through a full uniform, and you can see it when they bounce around. Especially if you're conducting in two....youre screwed. I feel horrible for this girl.....

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at my school (im in elementary) they wear regular clothing so that understandable if yours the same anyway you could have made him snap it back on or someone else

I highly doubt a drum major would be in elementary school. Also, I played trumpet in band in elementary school. They didn't let you just wear whatever the day of a performance.

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i was just saying since sheis in a marching band and the uniforms and the kids at my school who is in the drum line they wear specific things to identify themselves

A) No offense, but you're a little young to be on FML if you're in elementary school. B) The drumline is not the same thing as a drum major. Drumline is the people who play the drums. Drum majors are the people who stand in front of the band and conduct.

Did you end up beating up the tuba player?