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Today, in marching band, the guy in front of me backed up too far. As we turned, the back of his trombone hit mine, smashing it into my lip. I had to finish the song, sending blood down my horn. FML
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56, you would be surprised at how smart you have to be to play an insturment. Reading music is like being able to speak another language. And judging from your unfortunate spelling, you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Go back to your video games and be a loser. At least we have talent. BAND GEEKS FOR LIFE! <3

I commend you on being hardcore, but couldn't you just fake it for the rest of the song while you recovered? Hope you tell that guy off.


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And this one time, at band camp, the guy in front of me backed up too far. As we turned, the back of his trombone hit mine, smashing it into my lip. I had to finish the song, sending blood down my horn!

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No 9. Just no. That's along the same lines as "It's funny because *FML*".

what a fag, ydi for being in band, and u dousche who said ppl aren't smart enough to play and we are jealous, no we aren't and a lot of smart people, smarter than you, didn't or don't play shit, so shut ur pussy ass mouth fag

thesunsetglow_fml 8

56, you would be surprised at how smart you have to be to play an insturment. Reading music is like being able to speak another language. And judging from your unfortunate spelling, you aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Go back to your video games and be a loser. At least we have talent. BAND GEEKS FOR LIFE! <3

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I used to play an insturment and I didn't find it very hard. It just takes alot of time really. An idiot can play an instrument. And many did in my band.

band geeks are ftw, percussion = the moat fun. Op, I call bullshit. If not for the fact that you're hurt, a good instructor wouldn't let you potentially damage your horn.

This is where you take your instrument and you kill him. Back home, everyone would laugh and molest the dead body. You'd be hailed as a hero and you would eat his brain to gain his soul. You would also get laid everyday if you hung his head on your mantle.

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76, IT SURE IS! <3 but I play clarinet too, and piano. I adore band. :) 74, sure anyone can play an insturment, but it takes a lot of skill to play it well.

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stfu I'm in band too and it's huge in my town. drumline bitch!

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drummer girl right here <3 BAND GEEKS 4 LIFE!! <3333 ydi for not bein in drumline!!!! jk I still lylas for bein in band op xP

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86, it's from American Pie, the first one

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umm everyone saying " ydi for being a band geek" needs to stop. seriously! I'm in band, and I'm not a geek. ugh people piss me off. :/. and yeah, marching band is pretty fun, actually. it takes skill to march, memorize music, and remember where exactly you need to be. :)

thesunsetglow_fml 8

98, THANK YOU! Everyone who says otherwise is just stupid.

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band is pretty fun...well at least my band instructor is. chillest teacher in the school

67, I'm in band too, in fact I just came back from practice a couple hours ago. but please, don't call it band geek, it'll only make it look bad. punk shouldve covered down.

OMG! I know right! that's happens to my friend all the time. poor thing. at least you're not in guard where you need to be smiling all the time (you'd have a busted lip. not so pretty)

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Here's an idea... you could have stopped playing! Wow, moron. I was in band for 8 years, and that should have been common sense. Better to get yelled at a director who doesn't yet know what happened than damage your instrument. Again, moron.

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american pie haha great movie !

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someones a bit butthurt on this, the fml is about him/her, not you

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At my school, band is considered a sport. I'm like bullshit. All they do is sit around in the band room and play games on the computer.

56- Says the guy who can't even construct a proper sentence...

#9, lol. That's gross. :P #56, you are an asshole.

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CassidyLovesPigs 0

74:: You have to be smart to be in MARCHING band. we don't just walk around playing pep band music. We compete. We put in over 150 hours. We can't have the music or drill in front of us, we have to memorize all 50 sets and 8 and a half minutes of song. So yea, obviously you need a bit of brainpower to do marching band. get it straight.

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I love band :D Saxophones FTW BITCHES!! But for real, that really sucks.

88 - drumline ftw! 94- I'm a drummer too!

saxophones are lameeee. electric keyboards FTW;p

149, funny I have the same number of sets for my drill this year.

flute rules ;D and band accidents suck.. I was hit in the head repeatedly by a line of trombones once while backing to get to my spot because they weren't moving fast enough :(

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make him clean the dried blood out


it was an a accident , the kid could've stoped playing , not a big deal at all

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trumpet are the real winners! though my attitude says trombone. if you think someones going to hit you you just pull the instrument away from your face and stay in position! you know why people say one time at band camp? best lung capacity and endurance ever! we get the girls dude!

There are about 450 kids in my high school marching band... and the smartest kids turn out to be in band at my school. So apparantly, being in band doesn't always mean that you are of less intelligence. #110 that's hilarious! #149 Our show this year is nine minutes with only 52 sets. (It's usually nine and half minutes and a whole lot more sets though.)

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Same thing happened to me one time. Well I busted my lip anyway. Had to give my trombone a bath in the tub.

BAND GEEKS UNITE!! haha I played the trumpet and French horn. =

shut the hell up. that takes balls to play after getting hit.

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I agree 169 I love the flute...I was the first male flute player ever in my school's history...I wanted something small I could fit in my backpack

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blow your gross mouth blood all over the guy in front of you. that's what he gets.

You all fail for saying band is the best. Hear me out before you start acting like immature children and start calling me names.

Oops! Accidently pressed send. xD Anyways, here's what I was going to say. I've played the clarinet before, and I will admit that it does take a somewhat smart person to play it well. But that doesnt mean you have to be smart to play it at all. I have also played the cello, the violin and the acoustic. From my personal experience, picking up the violin was a major challenge, more so than the clarinet. The same can be said for the cello, and the guitar. Now, before you start calling ME a geek for playing string instruments, let me explain why they're better than any form of band instrument. When I play one of my string instruments, it's like writing a story. Pulling a bow across the strings and watching my fingers fly across the strings is a feeling that can't be replicated with a band instrument. To me, string instruments are on a whole different level from band instruments. That is just MY opinion. Please don't tear me apart for it.

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this one time at band camp this guy shoved his bone in my mouth. now I am bleeding. wa wa. learn to use a ball gag.

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umm no. it's better to finish and then tell the director. well I guess that's the case as long as you have a disciplined band.

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BAND GEEKS!! <333 I play oboe. ^^ But yeah. That sucks. And it happened to my friend, except he has braces that pretty much tore through his lips. :(

u are perhaps the hottest band "geek" I have ever seen

98 - I agree with u completely. I consider myself a bandgeek. flute for 6 years and marching band for 2.

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They also suck ass, moron. It takes dedication and that's something idiots don't have.

Any one who says he deserved it for being a band geek is a jerk, because it is something op actually likes to do, and all you "hardcore" football players out there who think you are everything don't deserve all the attention.. We are right out there with you, playing along and getting busted lips. Your comments are stupid, he is NOT a band geek.. Opinion rested.

And 138, for your opinion, we don't just sit around and play computer games. If you want that, go to the role-playing club. I mean, have you ever really been in the band room? We have to have coordinated feet, so we can match WHILE playing memorized songs, and we have to sit out there and freeze in our costumes while everyone pays little attention to us, we practice almost 24-7 before an important event, and we take so much time out of our lives to entertain you little shot heads. Yes, every once in a while we enjoy taking the time to sit down and play COD or Minecraft or something like that, and maybe put up our feet a little, but it's not like we do that EVERY TIME we have a band practice. Once it got so cold, I got frost on my trombone. So we aren't just geeks sitting around in a circle and discussing which wizard robe we should put on our online hamming characters, we are a family that practices and gets to get her regularly, and unlike you football players and cheerleaders, we actually GET ALONG. So stop being jerks, put on your helmets, and go butt some heads or something.

Also to number 138-At all of my schools where I've been in band non band people aren't allowed in the band room so how would you see that? Not to mention that band kids work way to hard to actually sit in the band room on computers and play games. When I'm at band practice we never sit down. Its marching from 8am to 9pm every day for two weeks in the summer. If you have a band that sits around then you obviously never win at competitions and have no right to use them to judge other bands that work hard.

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That's what you get for playing the tromboner.

thesunsetglow_fml 8

She should have played the sexaphone ;D

Exactly why next year I'm playing pit or snare!

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I was marchin clarinet, but now I'm in pit. :) and op doesn't diserve it, marching can be hard when others don't know how to quit backin up and there twice your size. -.- been there

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151- Yeah Drumline! ;D Band Drummers FTW!!!! wut u play?, I'm just a bass drum this year cuz imma freshmen.. but I'll get to quads 1 day I will!!! well.. maybe when I can actually hold them up....

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ha tromboner agreed that sucks

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that sucks I would have just stopped fyl op

YDI for being a band nerd, when you should be taking cooking class.

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#4 calls us band kids nerds,while he put the jailbreaking symbol as a profile pic

it's so much fun and you can meet the greatest people there. both me and the love of my life were on the drumline. =) nerds are the greatest

it's been proven, music(real music I should say) makes you smarter, and more successful in life. But cooking good...gotta care for your man right?

I commend you on being hardcore, but couldn't you just fake it for the rest of the song while you recovered? Hope you tell that guy off.

UserError94 18

His "trombone" touched your "trombone"?....gayyy

happened in our band too. but it was a Sousa. and it knocked the kids front teeth IN to his gums.

Sumner750 0

lol happened to me yesterday well I was speared in the back of the neck by my gfs trombone slide...

While in the stands at a football game, one of our trumpets knocked out another's tooth. The guy got pushed and hit the other's trumpet while he was playing.

FYL, but I just have this funny image of someone in a marching band playing your instrument with blood pouring out of the horn lip thing.

FFML_314 11

Why the /hell/ didn't you beat him with a set of drum sticks?

Tasanasanta 0

In band they dont really have drum sticks.. just mallets. All the better =D

FFML_314 11

Or she could have beat him with the instructor.

Tasanasanta 0

Not sure the intructor would have appreciated that =S

FFML_314 11

Intructor? Is that the instructors lover? If so, you're probably right.

Tasanasanta 0

28-I forgot about the drumline =(. But excluding them! No sticks. 27-Yay I'm right!

FFML_314 11

*You're an idiot. Although I was correcting you, I meant it. You really are.

He was talkin to you, Anna. You can roast him now. :)

FFML_314 11

I figured. I would have been here sooner, but I was busy sharpening my broom stick and casting a spell.

Tasanasanta 0

Who were you refering to in 38 FFML? I can see it being me, or the other guy. Probably both.

FFML_314 11

I was talking to the guy who said "your an idiot" Damnit, my post are becoming less and less obvious. :(

Tasanasanta 0

Ah well good. I had it at 50/50 because your grammar said it was him and my comments said it was me =S Your post was crystal clear. *sparkle sparkle*

FFML_314 11

Good. I was worried. I have insulted anyone in awhile. This feels weird.

18- Can you say snare drum? Bands have them too. Not just drum lines.

FFML_314 11

Yes, *haven't. Thank you, Krystal.

number 18, I was in drumline (which is a part of band) and we have drum sticks. =) well the snares do at least, but most other people also have their own drumsticks.

Tasanasanta 0

Yes, I know. I corrected myself in comment 29 >.<

colorguardgeek 8

even if a bee goes up your nose you are supposed to ignore it. my cousin was in the flag line and she broke her nose in the middle of the show but kept going. she was groningen as blood dripped down her face. it was yummy.

PuddinB 3

at least it wasn't by a flag pole but sorry for you I know what u mean tho I hate when I'm doin a routine and get ran over by a tuba player fyl

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