By e11ie - 27/09/2009 20:57 - United States

Today, while my boyfriend and I were cuddling on the couch, he looked down at my chest and said "I can't wait for the day that these produce milk." We've only been dating a few months and I have no intention of lactating anytime soon. FML
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Op is obviously flat chested and he wants them to swell up with milk so they won't be A- cups anymore

totally agree too early don't ya think...I'd be careful if I were u.

To be fair, he could have no yearning for kids, it could just be his little fetish. Unfortunately for him, if that's the case, it's a package deal.

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he also looked at her hands and said I can't wait 4 these 2 make me a damn sammich

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Cuz that'd mean they can save up on milk money..

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um wtf ew is that supposed to be sexy?

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wow. he's in a hurry and abit wow. AWK-waaaarrrrrddddd fyl

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Um, well, I..uh. I have no idea what to say to that. That's really weird. Yeah.

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two syllables KIN-KY lmao but really that's disgusting kinda idc really it's a whatever situation but I'm a guy why would anyone want he's girlfrieds boobs to... you know what just no....