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  darckirra  |  0

Rawr, how often do you update your pic? I've seen 4 and haven't been here very long.

Op stop tourchoring the towns people and maybe you can be a princess too. But it's not a bug deal. Guys are odd.

  Massdebater  |  1

two things.

first of all #20 fuck off. this isn't a dating site and no one gives a shit about the guys you like..

and secondly, tourchoring?! seriously?! you absolute ri-tard.

  charlcielove  |  0

wow madde.. whatever the fuck your name is. Jesus christ I didn't do a fucking thing to you. why don't you grow up? if you have to bring other people down just to feel important than you should just go kill yourself. it would make the world a better place without you.

and thanks to the girl that stood up for me. (sorry I missed your name) i don't understand why people have to be dicks to people they never met. it's like they come on this site when they're having a bad day and think hmm who can I criticize today?

  charlcielove  |  0

and I have a bf that I've been with for over a year so why the hell would I need to come on fml for dating? that's just fucking lame. is that what you're here for? fml love story? pathetic.


Aw thanks superhero. That's the first pic related comment I've gotten :) I posted that one so I could brag about my hubs-- he's an amazing photographer so that's an exceptionally good shot >.< I'd return the compliment but your pic isn't loading on my phone right now *sad trombone*

  tpike1296  |  11

asshole....why don't you fuck of? you are such a whore ou have to tell at others about comments?! I don't see you being an owner of the site...and obviously they didn't delete the comment!

By  ojosverdes26  |  6

Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that. That's a funny boyfriend. Not an FML at all. YDI for thinking that it's &quot;weird&quot; or &quot;bad&quot; that he has a sense of humor.

By  Mirorbo  |  26

Oh, no, no, no! He has it all wrong! It's the knight who slays the dragon, not the prince. The prince just sits pretty while the knights do all the work. Such a silly mistake he made.