By Cheese4men - 14/05/2010 23:28 - Canada

Today, I walked in on my boyfriend saying, "I shall be the prince, and you shall be the princess," to his hamster. Once he saw me, he quickly turned to the hamster and said, "I have to go. The dragon is here." FML
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hahahah this is funny . ur bf sounds like a keeper.....

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hey if my gf breathed fire, I'd warn my hamster too! just saying...



awww I love nerds! because I'm pretty much a huge nerd myself. I love star wars and Harry potter. and guys that wear glasses.

Why don't you make a nice sammich for him (out of that hampster)?

+=???  Interesting Honeymoon those two will have

unless they allowed the dragon to come along?

*adds to favorites* lol this is one of those things that's so dumb, you can't help but laugh.

My girlfriend said the same thing once but she was Lock maker and I was the Key master haha jk I can't get a girlfriend :'(

35 why do you need OP's bf? Take 34 as a bf. just saying

Haha I just totally LOL'd x) Get over it OP, so not a big deal!

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. 

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aaahahahaha this actually made me laugh

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Rawr, how often do you update your pic? I've seen 4 and haven't been here very long. Op stop tourchoring the towns people and maybe you can be a princess too. But it's not a bug deal. Guys are odd.

Rwar I thought we were together and you go and love Monkey! I already changed my Facebook status ='( fml hahaha

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52- Well it's quite lovely.

two things. first of all #20 **** off. this isn't a dating site and no one gives a shit about the guys you like.. and secondly, tourchoring?! seriously?! you absolute ri-tard.

Two things 1st Massdebater- YOU **** off, it's not your place to speak for everyone by saying that no one gives a shit. 2nd Really? You absolute bitch :)

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Are you sure he wasn't singing Taylor Swift and then tried, horribly, to save some of his dignity.

awww that's so cute <3 he must be a very funny guy you should keep him ;) I know I'd live to show him what a dragon can do ;)

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Burninating the countryside, burninating the peasants!

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first off, massdebator: **** you your an asshole. stop being a prick she wasn't asking anybody out. second off: that's cute and I'm a nerd to.

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You shoulda burned his ass with your dragon breath!

just because you like that doesnt mean you are a nerd

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hahahaha this fml made me laugh sooo much!!! xD it's just funny how he didn't even stop when yuu walked in

#20, I like painting and long walks on the beach... Wait, is this

wow madde.. whatever the **** your name is. Jesus christ I didn't do a ******* thing to you. why don't you grow up? if you have to bring other people down just to feel important than you should just go kill yourself. it would make the world a better place without you. and thanks to the girl that stood up for me. (sorry I missed your name) i don't understand why people have to be dicks to people they never met. it's like they come on this site when they're having a bad day and think hmm who can I criticize today?

and I have a bf that I've been with for over a year so why the hell would I need to come on fml for dating? that's just ******* lame. is that what you're here for? fml love story? pathetic.

iazy what constitutes as being a nerd then?

Aw thanks superhero. That's the first pic related comment I've gotten :) I posted that one so I could brag about my hubs-- he's an amazing photographer so that's an exceptionally good shot >.< I'd return the compliment but your pic isn't loading on my phone right now *sad trombone*

star wars marathon!!! i love new friends!

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describing me to a T, or at least a G!

20, I like painting, and long walks on the beach... Wait, is this

your calling people retards and you cant even spell the word retards? smart move.

I believe 64 was referring to the movie "The Hangover". One of the actors there pronounced retard as ri-tard.

asshole....why don't you **** of? you are such a ***** ou have to tell at others about comments?! I don't see you being an owner of the site...and obviously they didn't delete the comment!

OMG! ME TOO!!!! ...'cept the GUYS who wear glasses part ^.^;

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@20. So you love guys in glasses? *Drives to hospital* "I want you to make my eye sight shitty"

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hey if my gf breathed fire, I'd warn my hamster too! just saying...

Your boyfriend rocks, you stupid dragon.

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Yeah, there's nothing wrong with that. That's a funny boyfriend. Not an FML at all. YDI for thinking that it's "weird" or "bad" that he has a sense of humor.

Oh, no, no, no! He has it all wrong! It's the knight who slays the dragon, not the prince. The prince just sits pretty while the knights do all the work. Such a silly mistake he made.

Sounds a lot like a reversal of "You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess." Are you sure he wasn't just listening to Taylor Swift?

OMG this was really funny.... hahaha added it to my FAVs

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Are you offended that you have to play the dragon part, or because your boyfriend's a pansy?