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Today, after a huge heartbreak and a night of crying, I wake up to an empty house. I go in the kitchen to make breakfast and see a note on the counter saying "We heard you crying last night and didn't want to hear you complaining this morning, so we went to the mall. -Mom" FML
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KingDingALing 9

The next time you hear them having sex, write a note that says "Heard you and dad having sex. You sounded like a donkey taking a soccer ball up the ass. Didn't want to be here for the awkward moment. -(OP's name)"

lionandthelamb61 9

Damn. Tell them to bring you back some of those roasted nuts in the cone, because that shits da bomb.


Acousticpixie14 6

I know, right?! What a bitchy move! That would've sent me straight from heartbroken to livid.

derpherp 0

(T . T) poor guy

Leave a note back saying: 'How about a nice big cup of shut the fuck up'.

lionandthelamb61 9

Damn. Tell them to bring you back some of those roasted nuts in the cone, because that shits da bomb.

Kelita 0

# 3 needs to brush her hair. Neways yes they should bring her something to cheer her up.

#29, I need to what my who now? Thanks for the input princess, I'll be sure to do as I'm told from now on :-)

samadams42 0

#29 is pretty and can worry about others #32 needs to use smaller words

whisperingeye13 0

I think 29 can keep her whore mouth shut because no one here cares about her opinions. The only words I want to hear from her mouth is "dinners ready"

Kelita 0

thanks sweetheart! :-) #59

Your mom protected the rest of the family by taking them out.

Duck for cover as the hormonal heartbroken teenager awakes from her pit.

KingDingALing 9

The next time you hear them having sex, write a note that says "Heard you and dad having sex. You sounded like a donkey taking a soccer ball up the ass. Didn't want to be here for the awkward moment. -(OP's name)"

Kelita 0

haha u come up wit the craziest things and u never fail to crack me up!!

funnyFMLSplz 0

lol ikr

Fuck that complain anyway when they get home. Make sure they don't hear the end of it

Don't worry, OP. It isn't true! Don't believe what you read on that paper. They didn't go to the mall without you! They moved out.

Kelita 0

oh wow I'm guessin u been through this b4 but haven't got shot yet by the Po Po......

Kelita 0

sorry!!! comment was meant for number 6!!! I apologize lol

Kelita 0

ok so my FML is messin up.....comment is meant for Showmehowtolive!!! lol now number 7.......oh geezzz

samadams42 0

someones been playing a little too much grand theft auto

TheDrifter 23

I'm gong to guess your whiny emo bs is the reason for your heartache in the first place, so I give you a double ydi op.

Cool, you know op? Because I don't, and certainly wouldn't dream of being certain about circumstances of which I have no idea.

TheDrifter 23

Nope, I don't know op, nor am I certain I'm right, though simple logic would indicate that the odds favor my deduction.

Simple logic would deduce more information is needed.

i agree with drifter. I mean, all night is for sure excessive and not to mention the family is like o shit, emotional train wreck time, hell I don't blame them one bit for leaving.

Oh, I apologize, I guess you've never been upset over something longer than 10 minutes.

Just because someone is heartbroken and crys all night over the loss of their relationship, does not mean they are in any way an emo. If you love someone alot, losing them as a boyfriend/girlfriend and not being able to have them in your life the same way you used to is very hard for some people to deal with. So maybe it's beat you should keep your judgements to yourself in future?

best^ (Damn auto-correct on iPod)

There is nothing worse than realizing you don't have the support of your family, the people who should be there for you. When I was in college I was home for Christmas. My summer job asked me to work my holiday break so I ended up pulling a 12-hour shift on Chrstmas Eve. I came home exhausted and just in time for the traditional family dinner. As I walked in the door my mom hollered at me that I'd better shut my fucking mouth because none of them gave a fuck that I had to work all day and they didn't want to hear it. I'd been about to say how wonderful the food smelled and how great it was to be home. I was so astonished I didn't know what to say so I didn't say anything. I got bitched out for that, too. Apparently I was so pissed off that I couldn't bitch about working that I gave them all the silent treatment but quite honestly I just didn't know what to say to them that wouldn't spark a group attack on me, which I got anyway. Whatever your heartbreak was, OP, I am very sorry for it and I hope you found someone to listen.

Ninjafriends 1

Holy crap, you hijacking attention whore. Write your own FML.

Oh, you poor darling!~ I would have left, personally. The meal would have been completely ruined for me by the negative atmosphere.

TL;DR. Get over it.

Right there with you #13. Why stay to be shit on? The point of the story, for those of you who couldn't figure it out, is that sometimes instead of being our biggest supporters, our family members turn out to be the ones who care the least. 13's family cared so little that they fired shit bombs at her before she even did anything. The OP's family cares so little that they staged a mass exodus AND left her a note telling her what they did so they wouldn't have to waste their time being there for her. I am willing to bet both families expect bankrupt and the OP to listen to their crap; they just don't want to return the favor the way REAL families do. A big hug from me to the OP and bankrupt. We all deserve to have families who support us; that is what a family SHOULD do.

Sorry. I meant No. 9. Now everyone is going to jump on me for my stupidity.

You are NOT stupid, Pattipan. You just made an error. Everyone makes them. You must be a very nice person to be so empathetic. I accept your hug, thank you!

support of the family? wow, good thing i dont lean on family when i have problems, i shrug it off like fuck it im a man.

Actually, the point was that perhaps the OP's family should have considered waiting until she actually said something before running out like a pack of nasty dogs. In my case I was actually going to say something NICE to my idiot family. They didn't wait long enough to hear it before lighting into me. Even if the OP did actually start complaining, would it have killed them to listen for awhile? She is their blood; what hurts her should hurt them. Part of being a family is to be there for each other, support each other, and listen to each other. If one of the OP's family members had a heartbreak I bet they would expect her to be supportive but apparently do not feel they need to do the same for her. This Christmas incident was significant to me because the minute I got home from college they all practically had a fight over who got to cry to me first about their problems and complaints but clearly they felt they were under no obligation to listen to me. It's about families who treat the members unequally, with some being allowed to do and say as they wish while others are censored.

bankrupt is like the creepy overly nice relative of FML aha.... i can haz hug to?

It's not a place for essays

If it weren't a place for essays, we'd have a character limit on comments. We don't (or perhaps we do, but I've never seen anyone hit it), so let people post how they want to.

Your 'hug hate' is misplaced. I am the one who is guilty of starting the hugs, not bankrupt. Sorry my gesture of sympathy to a human being I thought was hurting and could use a lift was so upsetting to you.

Ninjafriends 1

Write it in your diary instead of throwing yourself a pity party, Bankrupt. Using the OP's entry as a springboard into your own sob story... you're sad.

Sacurason 0

Wow. If that had happened to me I would have flared at them right back, telling them what I was going to say, calling them rude, etc. However, in my family, we make up.

lifeisbutadream3 0

that's terrible.... so much for family support. :(

#9, get your life story outta here!

dayday14_fml 4

THATS so mean..