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Today, I was playing Apples to Apples with my girlfriend and a few others. The card that was drawn was labeled "pathetic". Among other cards that were laid down in attempts to be similar to "pathetic" was my girlfriend's card. She won with a create-a-card labeled "My Sex Life". FML
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That means her sex life is pathetic too

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Your comment was bad, and you should feel bad.

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My bad everyone, accidentally thumbed up this comment. Complete mistake. I feel terrible ;)

Not unless OP was the judge. "My" anything is in the judge's perspective. If the OP was the judge, then YDI for picking her card as the winner.

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Sounds like someone needs to buy some handcuffs and a blindfold. She is comparing herself to 50 shades of grey again.

He can't fix it. He's always out having drunk sex with chicks who tell him he can pull out in time.

44- that reference doesn't work, besides the fact that it's from an FML from like FOUR YEARS AGO!

Oh, Well you see, I thought this was the "lets make suck-ass comments section" so I made a lame reference ._.

It's sad that she would make such a pathetic joke at your expense.

It was probably just for a laugh. But now OP can plan a really kick ass break up. Apples to Apples : the reunion. Just a bit of pre planning and she'll be leaving in tears! Muahahaha!

28 - so OP leaves his gf because OP isn't satisfying his gf? ... Makes sense...

It woulda only been a matter of time before she dumped him.

You do know that if the card starts with My, it refers to the judge, not the player. (It's in the rules) Still, that was a low blow.

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I don't really understand why OP is upset about this though. I play anything to win a round of Apples to Apples if it's funny.

Some people play where it refers to the player that played it (my friends do it, and I think it's stupid because you're not supposed to know who played the card -.-). And if it was on a create a card one, then when they ask what it's supposed to say and the girl answers "my sex life," they're gonna assume it's hers if they don't play where my=judge.

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This would probably suck more if I knew how to play Apples to Apples

Apples to apples is a card game. There are two stacks of cards. The red apple cards feature a noun and are dealt to the players. A judge draws from the green apple deck, which features adjectives. The players then set down one of their red apple cards that fit with the green apple cards, either truthfully or to be funny. The judge then decides which card is the best, and the player who played that card gets the green apple card. Whoever has the most green apple cards wins. So really, OP was probably overreacting and the girlfriend played the card to be funny and get the win.

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apples to apples is a kid gamr. no way this wss in there

Everyone knows you don't win by being truthful, you win by being funny, and knowing the person who picks the card. And if your sex life is pathetic, you might try to do something to fix it. At least now you know.

Very true. I was judging the word Painful and my brother put down Bangkok. He won the round lol. Plus I think those blank cards are an automatic win card because they can be played perfectly to the judge.

If your girlfriend's sex life is pathetic, I'm pretty sure that's your fault.

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