By mainlineloser - 28/11/2014 05:25 - United States - Narberth

Today, after Thanksgiving dinner, we all played Cards Against Humanity. On one round, I was the dealer, and I received "foreskin" as a card. When I said this, my grandmother told me that apparently, after my ritual circumcision, my grandfather buried my foreskin under our rosebushes. FML
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You'd have been better off without that piece of information. Thanks grandma..


Of course. Why do you think the rosebushes grew so strong? Going out on a limb here; would a seed joke be too much of a stretch?

johndog699 18

that's such a fun game and a TMI for you cause your grandma went to far

I'm wondering why on earth he's playing such a game with his family, let alone with grandma! I play that game with friends as we're all getting drunk and then hook ups happen soon after

You can play with family. My family and I also played yesterday. We can be a twisted bunch, so it makes it just as fun. :)

You'd have been better off without that piece of information. Thanks grandma..

To me sounds like grandma had too much Moscato...

Who plays Cards Against Humanity with their grandparents?

I would have been better off without Knowing aswell.

foxmatrix15 8

No idea how to react to that dunno if it's a FML or win for rose bushes I can't scientifically prove that doesn't help them.

I guess there's a little bit of OP in those rose bushes. Too bad it's his dick.

Your grandfather sounds like a legend!

1. Talking about foreskin buried in rose bushes? No, I don't think so. and 2. Its OP's grandmother. Either way, I wouldn't call them a legend.

Actually, 17, it clearly says OP's grandfather buried the foreskin.

It's always nice to know what ever happened to the rest of your penis.

Of course. every ritual circumcision deserves a follow-up story.

NotGabe 28

Apparently mine was donated to 'research', but I have my doubts.