By UnluckyArtist - / Monday 14 September 2009 18:54 / United States
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sholdnt ur girlfriend wanting to make a break up card have tipped u off just a little

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"Today, I posted a second post. That's even worse than a first post. FML" #4837036 (791)| I agree, your life sucks (0) - you totally deserved it (4389438027897543) Well, your life sucks too, but you deserve it.


Today, I tried realy hard to get second comment, but sadly somebody else got it before me. I then started bashing my keyboard in rage because I hadnt gotten the comment. Suddenly I thought of the idea of bashing the person with the second comment by turning his comment into an FML, it didnt work. FML #4837037 (792)| I agree, your life sucks (4389434923940) - you totally deserved it (0)


Oh you guys are SO funny. Ignore the freaking trolls or you become one yourself. (yes yes I know, but it was worth it to tell you annoying people that the people who feed the trolls are worse than the trolls)

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