By Alyxandrea Loffer - 25/5/2020 23:00

Small town blues

Today, our town is so bored that the most entertainment we got was on the local buy and sell trade page, where someone posted that they got someone else's package in the mail, and everyone in town spent 6 hours trying to guess what was in the box. It was actually the highlight of most of our day. FML
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  Alyxandrea Loffer  |  12

you are incorrect. everyone guessed sex toys at one point lok

By  Kraths  |  16

My hometown is like this, except were small enough that everyone knows everyone so we would just end up taking it over to the correct person. which honestly has happened multiple times. Guess that's what happens when you only have 2 mail delivery people

  Alyxandrea Loffer  |  12

that's hilarious. nope I dont!

By  Alyxandrea Loffer  |  12

I got a boyfriend out of it SO that happened!