By the unfortunate man - 19/07/2013 04:29 - United States - Salisbury

Today, I was using the urinal when another guy came in. His friends decided to scare him while he was using the urinal next to mine. They jumped out at him, he turned around and ended up peeing all over me. FML
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did you just say "peepee"??? Go to your room

Yea 27, peepee is a no no word.. No potty language!

I'm more concerned as to why he was peeing right beside you when there are multiple other urinals.

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Who is to say the other urinals weren't occupied? Or there are only 2 urinals in the bathroom?

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I think I'd be too horrified to do anything back if someone had just peed on me.

This remind me if a whitest kids u know skit. Rofl! YouTube it leg peeing.

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#2, I hope not, because that could involve "crossing the streams."

"Eventually me and a friend, sort of drifted on into S&M, I can take about an hour on the 'tower of power' so long as I gets a little golden shower"

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Your body can't store germs in your bladder or urine otherwise you'll have a perpetual infection. Urine contains high concentrations of sulphurs, salts and other high concentrations of minerals your body doesn't need. That's why urine is toxic for the body if it is ingested. Its not however teaming with bacterium and virus as some people think.

Pissing in a rag and bringing it to your face to breath through is also a very effective response against a chemical agent, such as mustard gas or other toxic fumes. Just don't do it too long though, the ammonia will get to you.

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It's actual unsterile once it leaves your body, as bacteria swarms it. So yes, it is sterile inside you but once it's out it's contaminated. The bacteria is what gives pee it's smell.

Only the initial stream is contaminated, once it begins to flow there is no bacteria. The smell is the mix of urea and other components

39 no offence but please don't make "factual" comments on things you don't know about... Urine odor is from phosphates and nitrates, some ketones, not bacteria and nothing remotely unsanitary...

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There is bacteria that gives urine that smell. Don't patronize me when you don't do your own ******* homework, buddy.

Aw, I hope your days get better. :)

Other guy: You guys scared the piss out of me! OP: Yeah and all over me.

This FML all depends on whether or not you were obeying the everyother urinal rule. If you were not able to obey the rule due to extreme circumstances then, well, FYI.

What if the guy went beside OP after OP started peeing... Than it was the pee guy that didn't stick to bro code standards.

So, you went in to relieve yourself & left a little pissed?

He definitely pissed you off... I'd be too OP...

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Ah, that sucks. Those guys need to know to be careful, scaring someone urinating as there is another guy next to him. OP, FYL.