By sophhiee - 05/11/2011 11:45 - United States

Today, I was over at a friend's house for a party. I was trying to strike up a conversation with one of my cute guy friends, so I showed him this funny picture of me that my friend took. His reply was "Hahahaa those Fatbooth pictures are hilarious!" It wasn't a Fatbooth picture. FML
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im sure the picture was at a bad angle. :)

You should have told him that. I bet the look on his face would be priceless.


im sure the picture was at a bad angle. :)

thats what i always say to my daughter but shes actually just fat.

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Maybe OP just has a round face. It's hard taking pictures with a round face because the angle has to be perfect. Besides, the guy thought it was taken on fatbooth so he doesn't think it looks like you.

#10, Why the **** would you lie to your daughter like that? You should help her either feel comfortable with her weight, or help her lose it. Not outright lie to her ******* face. You failed as a parent. Lying parents are horrible...

Am I the only one that thought the guy had a lisp and op was making fun of it?

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46: Lying parents are horrible, but MOCKING parents are even more horrible.

53,I think you should explain thought that...

53,I think you should explain thought that...

You obviously don't understand the definition of ravaged o.0

The guy has a point. Fatbooth picture ARE pretty darn funny. Just saying pal.

46- Santa claus. Tooth fairy. LEPRECHAUNS.

Actually, the FML indicates that the OP isn't fat anymore, otherwise the 'cute guy friend' would not have assumed that it was a fat booth picture since he is in front of her and can see for himself.

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I'm sure op is a fat fat fatty :)

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I agree with 23! But but they have to pay first!

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OUCH bro. wellllll, on the bright side. he laughed and thinks ur funny? But why would you show someone you like an awkward and possibly a picture that makes u look fat? I dont get it.

If he thought it was a fatbooth it means that u don't look fat in person? U just look a little fat in pictures :) or it was his nice way of saying ur fat :/

OP- The same thing happened to my sister's friend's aunt's brother's once removed cousin's grandma's niece's best friend's dog's old owner's mailman's therapist's wife. She also happens to be my teacher's son's girlfriend's uncle's wife's sister-in-law's hairdresser. Small world, huh?

152- am I the only one that didn't get that?

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Try it again maybe the problem was just with the picture :)

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He wouldn't say that if he actually thought you were fat so you probably are not. It was probably just a bad picture

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Of course it is, why else would it be on here?

Though it does mean that he thought op looked fat in the photo but not standing in front of him.

Lol take it as a compliment it shows you lost some weight, he wouldn't say that if you were fat, you most likely dropped a lot of weight

I took it as the guy making a sarcastic crack at OP's expense. Either way, unfortunate indeed.

You should have told him that. I bet the look on his face would be priceless.

That's when you are struck with an awkward moment.

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Just agree with him and walk away, OP......walk away.... :/

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Hey that must mean you lost weight and you look great :D

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I'm guessing the picture was taken at a bad angle. or the guy is just a dick.

How is the guy a dick? If you are fat you are fat. Unless you meant he said that just to make fun of her.

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Those fatbooth pictures are SO realistic...

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That means you lost weight YOU WIN. :)

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You know what else is funny? When you kick a guy in the balls.

If you are a guy, you must understsnd the flaw in your statement...

You know what's really not funny ? Kicking a guy in the balls. Then he'll never speak to you again.

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Anytime I get hit in the balls people laugh...

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How much do you get kicked in the balls?

97, That's because they haven't dropped yet.

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99- Like last Tuesday 7 times I'n

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99-*in two hours... I nearly threw up.

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Stop molesting the chicks then lol.

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No, I'm a freshman. Apparenty upprclassmen just think it's fun to punch little boys in the balls.

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Now that's unfortunate, I'm sorry.

You know whats not funny? Getting hit in the chest with a dodgeball so hard that when the person threw it the dodgeball got thinner. Im a girl.