By Anonymous - 19/12/2011 01:52 - Canada

Today, I went with my friend door-to-door selling chocolates. We went to the first house, and the guy decided to buy a chocolate from each of us. He didn't have change and neither did we, so he just took the chocolates and slammed the door in our face. FML
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Did you say...chocolate? CHOCOLaAATE!!!!

Kick his door in and take his wallet. They teach you that stuff in girl scouts right??


Did you say...chocolate? CHOCOLaAATE!!!!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

No, she said "anal fisting". They were selling anal fisting services. You need to stop thinking about food.

xSonic 9 must be on Shrooms.......or shrooms on acids

Shroomsonacid, trolling like a bitch eh mate?

Aw come on. That's a quote from Spongebob. And no, that's not me in the pic.

ShroomsOnAcid 16

15 Your intelligence is simply astounding. 17, This ain't trolling, mate.

27 Kay but uh wouldn't it in a circumstance be considered trolling seeing how you did say anal dusting as a sarcastic reference? Eh I don't know

xSonic 9

I'm probably more dumb to think I was clever.... :( I should just take an arrow to the knee

xSonic 9

You know..... I thought I was being clever, but it's time I take an arrow to the knee then...

Anal dusting is the greatest service offered to man. You don't know how often my anus accumulates dust. It's nice to have a little Philippino man come clean it up for you. He's very descrete and if you ask for the "afternoon special" he'll even dust your balls off!! Five stars, without a doubt.

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No hating on Filipinos. And did anyone notice there is no #1 comment??

33 can't tell if you are really stupid, or if you are trying to troll.

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Well it does get dusty down there....

30- brooms aren't really my personal favorite. I prefer mops for dusting.

Get over here you lazy nellie and start rubbing me with that chocolate!

Kick his door in and take his wallet. They teach you that stuff in girl scouts right??

He got trolled, that sounds better, eh? Why go door to door selling chocolate anyways? That's why you sell it at schools

they get taught scary shit in girl scouts. I had an experience like that once. I now never leave my house.

nice photo - HARRY POTTER PUPPET PALS ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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He is a chocolate monster? No.. It just isn't the same.

xSonic 9

Give the Singaporean lady a break guys :)

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You should have bombarded into his house and took 'em back!

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You should have bought candy bar bags, then a big bag for your candy bar bags. Duh. then he would get the candy AND a free bag?

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It is a sponge bob reference like #2's comment

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Ouch! Maybe start bringing change with you! Always smart when your dealing with that kind of sittuation.