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Today, I was on the phone with my boyfriend while looking at halloween costumes online for this years halloween party and said, "Maybe we could go as Bonnie and Clyde this year." He said, "Maybe we should go as a broken up couple," and hung up on me. He wasn't kidding. FML
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YDI for being a woman. Next time, get back to the kitchen and make him a mother ******* sandwich. Or at least get born ******* properly. BTW, it seem obvious that i've never had a girlfriend.

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I know your kidding but really.. What wouldja do with out us? :)

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@24 #21 said "**********" as a good thing. We can please ourselves, we don't need you. @12 aquire currency

Than good luck continuing the human race. Hopefully you'll come up with a way to bear babies through your assholes.

yeah. have fun reproducing with yourselves =] lets see how many babies you can pop out of your non existant uterus's and if we didn't exist, you wouldn't eat because no one would make your food for you

I've never had a girlfriend either, i'm scared of women, so I have to vent my anguish on anonymous websites. It's the only thing that makes my pants go tighter. I'm such a virgin. Help me!

I'm glad you could confide in us that precious information, #46 Tell me, does this website and its comments give you a boner, AKA bonesauce?

you are aware that everyone starts out female in the womb?

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It's not like I want kids anyway, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only guy around here to share my sentiment.

Don't really want kids either. Also, #59, even as a single chrome womb thingy I still had balls. It made me the penis wielder I am today. OP. You should have known your boyfriend. He should have known you. It would not have worked. Mourn it by dressing like a ***** at the party.

@45 If we get to the point where we want a kid, all we have to do is find some desperate single chick on the wrong side of 30. We can be old, fat, bald, and smelling of moldy cheese, and we'll find a dozen lonely middle-aged women desperate to marry us. As for us eating, we CAN make our own food, we just don't because we figure it's fair payment for putting up with you.

wrong, ur not female nor male. what u have is actually called something that starts with an "I" penis. indetermanite i think... :]

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u got that right, women were made for cooking! =P Just kidding lol

I gotta give it to him, that was kind of smoothe but really FYL

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yes it was! but at least you are going together.. as a broken up couple? XD lol jk that sucks. FYL he's a jerk

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I'm thinking he probably didn't just randomly dump you out of nowhere. Yes, it's a lame way to have it happen, but you're probably not doing the situation justice with this fmylife.

Lmao. It doesn't sound like he broke up with you for anything you told us about in the FML (such as your idea to dress up as Bonnie and Clyde). So I'm guessing he planned this way ahead of time and waited until a good "BURN" moment arose for him to take advantage of.

WHAT? Summer relationships lasting to Halloween? Seriously? FYL for thinking so. Joking. I don't know many guys into all the dress-ups that are Halloween, anyway. And I agree with Intoxicunt.

I know this one girl whose boyfriend buys her several costumes every year, and only one is the one she is supposed to go out in for Halloween parties and stuff. He has her dress up in them all the time, year round. I think it's just his weird fetish, but they aren't the sexy costumes either....

Hey, if costumes keep you from cheating... Be my guest. Excellent fetish though, in my opinion. Better then the knife and fork ones. D:

Yeah, or the "2 Girls, 1 Cup" type fetishes. *shudder* Edit: Now that I remember, he cheated on her twice in a year. :/

1 Guy 1 Jar made me throw up. D: For some reason, Gabe/Patrick popped in my mind. +10 if you know what I speak of. Why are we not friends Intoxicunt? You're hilarious.

I fail. I could google it, but I'm lazy. So -10 for me. Have you seen 2 Girls, 1 Finger or 2 Kids, 1 Sandbox? Both horrific. I don't throw up easily, but 1 Guy, 1 Jar was pretty bad. I thought it was funny, in a way. I wished pain on that guy, and pain he received. We should be friends! Move to where I live. I'm adding you to the list of people I like on my FML profile. :)

It's actually a combination of my two favorite songs in the history of the universe in music video form. The love of my teenage live (Gabe Saporta) falls in love with a person in a bunny costume. Who is later reviled to be Patrick Stump. After they have bunny babies and a Jewish wedding. See the following links: :D My friend tricked me into watching it. And instant love! You actually live in the same city as my dad. Creepy, eh? No worries. I live with my mum.

Lmao. I can't believe what I just saw! That was epic. Oooh, maybe I know your dad... I know everyone. That's pretty awesome. I never find people online who know a thing about my city. :)

#27 i want to be in ur circle of friends too.... ill pay you

Now you know the OLD Cobra Starship. Their new stuff upsets me so bad. And their new fans can S my imaginary D. I know a lot about your city, honestly. I spent a lot of time there as a kid. BadOwner, you'd pay to be in her circle of friends?

#32, I'm flattered. How much? If you're short on cash, talk to me a lot on here and make me laugh a couple times, then you'll be on it. :) I haven't heard their new stuff. Why is it so bad? Oooh, imaginary D is the best kind. Well, it's really the worst, but it's the funniest. Really? Hmm, I moved here just three years ago, so you may know more about it than I do. I know a TON of the people though. It's a really cool city, but I HATE Tennessee's laws, regulations, and culture. Blech.

Their motive to write music changed along their second album. It used to be about dancing, and now it's a load of crap. They were the first real bad I ever saw/met... And I was still in middle school at the time. I'm a senior in high school now. Broke my heart. My imaginary D is HUGE! Believe me. I need a net for that thing. My ex best friend lives in Tennessee. I never ever got used to the food. Or the amount of religion.

My boyfriend buys me several costumes in a year. They're just for fun in the bedroom, sheesh.

You never get used to the amount of religion. I'm from Florida, and it's pretty laid back and non-judgmental there. Here...well, it's the opposite. Awww, I'll glue your heart back together! I'm a senior too. Or I would be, had I not dropped out due to the schools being an abomination. =/ Too many bands do that. I love old Incubus, but their new stuff is so bland. You're so lucky! You got to meet them!? I'm jealous now. Oh yeah? MY imaginary D needs a wheelbarrow. Not only do I drag it when I'm walking, I drag it while I'm flying in a plane too! :) #37: Yeah, I know what they're for. I'm all about couples being creative and not uptight. However, I don't get the attraction to unsexy costumes. Plus, he buys them all around Halloween, as if they are costumes for Halloween, then doesn't let her show them to anyone. Haha. IT'S 4:20 AM EASTERN TIME! Lmao.

I lived in Florida too! But I didn't like it. Too warm for me. Pacific Northwest=Home. It's nothing as Twilight would have you think. I got to meet them, yes. I have pics of me being a dorky little tiny preteen next to the hottest/tallest man alive.

Haha, Tennessee is too cold for me. If it snows more than once every couple years, it's too cold for me. What part of Florida? I would consider moving back to FL, moving to TX, or to CA. Nowhere else in America interests me, and the only other countries that do are too cold. Haha, PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN! Jk. I wish I could meet hotties....

Sarasota. You? Ahem. You met me. Don't I count? I see how it is.

Ohh, the UNSEXY costumes. I get where you're coming from. I wonder why he only buys them around Halloween. I mean, they're available all year round. I also find that putting them together yourself instead of the cheap ass ones that are already put together and feel all flimsy are a hell of a lot better.

Yeah, like the kiddie, lame colorful ones. Some people are just wierd. red, I'm from Fort Walton Beach, which is right by Destin. It's an amazing place.