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Today, I was on an airplane back from California. I decided to check out my new $1500 MacBook that I bought the day before. My son decided to projectile vomit all over me, my new computer, and my bag. None of it got on him. FML
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Don't worry about it too much. I projectile vomit as well when I see MacBooks.


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I had no idea how many people are capable of projectile vomiting/******** until i visited this site.

Buying an Apple does that to people.

YDI for brushing your teeth with glue.

Kumo, when you post troll messages, at least try to make them slightly relevant. An appropriate troll response would be, "You deserve it for buying an overpriced piece of crap that can't run any third party programs except from Adobe". Something that's a bit related but extreme.

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Totally YDI for owning a macbook, your son knew it too, smart kid.

Thank you humorizer, I'm new to this whole trolling thing so I appreciate the constructive critizism. (:

I agree....YDI for buying MAC. Waste of money

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YDI for wanting your own son to throw up on himself and not you...selfish piece of shit

im on my Macbook now, dont be jealous because you arent cool enough to have a Mac

Macs are great for people who need to use a computer, but are to dense to understand or care how it works. So "volleyballgirl16" we will concede you are cool and stylish with your Mac... especially since you revealed how simple and unsophisticated you are because you HAVE to use a Mac...

#96- you're so right. people who use macs NEED to use them because they can't use other computers! Like graphic designers, movie makers... all those kinds of people. All stupid. Only smart people can use glitchy, crashy, virus-filled computers that don't work. Idiots like you annoy me.

This is probably a troll for the sake of the PC versus Mac debate right from the OP. OP, I think you're a troll. If you're not, I apologize for the rash judgment but the conflict of the subject is too convenient for you to have emphasized MacBook Pro otherwise. In either case, both system do have their merits and their flaws. It's the compatibility of Windows that has allowed it to dominate the market for so long. While actually more secure than the Mac OS, its structure provides little resilience to viruses and its popularity in businesses make it the perfect target for malware. Proper care and the use of proven 3rd party apps can drop the crash rate of any PC to the level of a Mac. Macs avoid viruses through the Unix structure which contains applications. It's harder for a Mac to contract a virus, but that has nothing to do with security. The Mac OS is actually incredibly insecure with several dozen times the amount of critical access points. Its limited deployment, however, makes anything short of a trojan or a worm a poor choice for infecting a Mac. In essence, the saving grace for the Mac in safety is its restrictions. No one should hold any delusions that the computer itself is more secure thanks to some voodoo magic cooked up by Steve Jobs. Everything fueling a Mac was invented by another company one way or another, but integrated in a creative manner. Every feature, every piece of hardware, and nearly every piece of software is compatible on a PC and most likely available for less money. Macs reduce the work to make a personal system through innovation and prevent users from screwing themselves over via restrictive design. You pay for the work and pre-configured software which is why, on a spec per dollar basis, there will always be a PC which costs less.

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What I hate the most is that whenever people ruin their Mac products (which seems to happen pretty often on fml it seems), they always have to throw the price number in there, like it means something substantial. Yes, we all know that mac's cost too much money. You don't need to tell me how much you paid for it every time you mention it. And moontrance, their core 2 duo computers still don't beat my quad core pc, so calm your ass down.

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I know! Your kid is the little boy Ralphie from Scrubs who can throw up at will!

Over my 16-year career as a person on this Earth, I have tried many Macs. EVERY SINGLE ONE crashed on me at one point. I open Firefox and Dashboard simultaneously, it crashes. I have 3 windows open simultaneously, it crashes. I run Adobe Reader, it crashes. Plus, you're paying $2000 for a brand name with a shiny exterior. Everything done on a Mac can be done on a PC. To put it bluntly, one can compare computers to cars. A Mac is a Toyota Prius, a commodity for teenage girls to show off and brag about its eco-efficiency and shinyness. A PC is a 2004 Honda Civic. While initially cheap and a few apparent flaws, with about $2000 and basic aftermarket upgrades, one can have a perfect, fuel-efficient, powerful racing machine. P.S. Intel Core 2 Duo is another fancy name for 3-year-outdated technology.

129, I happen to have 6 windows open on my MacBook right now, and they're all running like they would if it just one. I find your crashing story with 3 windows hard to believe. Were you using an eMac or something?

you should see what PCs and nonstop gaming does to people

That's why you should've gotten the MacBook Pro. They're vomit proof

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Ground him for life because he threw up?

Yes, because he can't simply reach for the sick bag a foot away from him. :/

People who bring children onto flights are the scourge of the ******* sky.

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Where's your Lazy Ass husband? If he had been looking at **** while you held the sick kid, you wouldn't ended up with puke all over your computer.

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Fail sarcasm. Computers are more important than a kid missing a flight. You could've said "yes, because it's always advised to kick children off a plane in midair", or something like that.

Don't worry about it too much. I projectile vomit as well when I see MacBooks.

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I don't mind macs, but if people put down windows I gotta defend it.

Actually, even as a windows owner, MacBooks are the boss. The only reason I have windows is I don't care enough to pay for a mac. But if I did...