By Nutty - 24/06/2009 05:10 - United States

Today, I was sitting next to this cute guy on an airplane who I had started talking to. There was still an empty seat between us and it seemed like there weren't any more passengers boarding the plane. I then asked out loud, "I wonder if anyone will sit between us?" He replied "I hope so." FML
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Shit that must have hurt!!! Some people are just way too straightforward!


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ahhh, airplanes.....the start of so many awkward moments in life.....

A stranger that she gets to spend the next few hours with...

Shit that must have hurt!!! Some people are just way too straightforward!

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That IS an extremely bizarre thing to say to someone you've just met though. Like, unless he was giving you tons of signs that he was interested in you, I don't know why exactly you would say something like that. Still, it doesn't merit being a douche...

she didn't say anything out of the ordinary, she was just thinking out loud. i mean, i wouldn't think it's bizarre for someone to ask me that. :

I kinda understand, I hate it when random strangers talk to me on train. Still, it doesn't justify being a jerk.

He probably gave you a lot of signs that he wasn't interested and that you were annoying him by talking so much, but you missed them. Just pay more attention to people's reactions next time. Non-verbal communication is important in human contact.

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agreed. ydi for being annoying lol

agree. Women complain about guys not getting subtle hints, but really, I find that it's women that don't get them

ugh stop with the "women do this/that wrong" guys do the same thing. guys can be soo annoying without realizing it. it goes both ways

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Hey, 57, you're doing something men don't that women do all the time, bitching, here's a hint, don't complain about male/female equality on a site like this, it starts flamewars.

What a jerk! Good to know before you wasted any more time.

It kind of sounded like you were talking to the airplane with the way you phrased the sentence. =P Fyl though for sitting with a big jerk.