By Anonymous - United States
Today, I checked into my flight early. The kiosk asked me if I wanted an earlier flight for $50. Awesome. I swiped my card then continued to the next screen where I was informed my new flight was delayed to the same time as my original flight. FML
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  luxornv  |  0

Why are people always under rating how much money that is? You don't know the OP's situation. $50 could be a lot of money to him, and I think it would be a reasonable amount to complain about. Besides, it's the principle. He paid for an earlier flight but they didn't tell him it was delayed to the same time as his original flight, so he paid $50 for nothing.

By  grrrarrrg2  |  2

That blows dude. I've gotten earlier flights before that ended up getting delayed to the same time (even later on one occasion) than my original flight. Luckily for me I was never charged to move to the earlier flight.

By  Feverrotes  |  15

There's no way they would refund it unless the flight got delayed for problems with their aircraft.
Airlines are greedy and never refund even if the flight gets canceled, unless it was their fault.
So bad weather or anything to that extent causing the delay wouldn't get him a refund, no matter what the circumstance.

Even if it wasn't they would definitely find a way to avoid the refund. Fuck airlines