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Today, I visited my doctor upon coming home from University. I found out that I'm severely allergic to our pet bunny, which has resulted in a rash taking over my body. She suggested that we get rid of the bunny. I told my mom. She told me to come home less often. FML
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Epsilonyx 15

Are you done with Uni or just visiting? Because it'd be a bit rash (hehe punny) to get rid of the bunny when you'll be leaving again! You could just keep it out of the way when you visit.


Thats okay pets suck the l1fe outta people

No, I think it's the other way 'round. Rabbit stew?

then it wouldnt be a pet. it would be dinner.

You think you're really cool with your lazy typing "life" don't you.

It's not lazy. It's just wrong. He put a number where he could have put a letter. Not like it took less energy.

RocketNinjaFish 12

it's never easy to give up a pet. many people love their pets. I'm sure you can understand that, OP.

One would expect, however, that it would be more difficult to give up a child than a rabbit. Essentially this woman is choosing a rabbit over time with her visiting child.

alliewillie 22

I wouldn't give up a beloved pet just because someone who doesn't live with me is allergic. They could take allergy meds before arriving or we could meet or I could come that way. Doesn't sound like op is home all that often, why would you toss out a pet for a weekend a month of visiting?

Yes. I would not hestitate to unload an animal for my son, even if he only lived with me part time. This is the choice that is on the table; spend a short amount of time with the child in the nuclear household or spend all the time with an animal that makes said child ill, yes? My choice is to have the opportunity to spend time with my child. If that means "Thumper" has to hit the road, then so be it. I didn't push Thumper out of my ******; therefore, Thumper is expendable. And, just a reminder, the rabbit will only live a couple of years but your child will likely outlive you and could be picking out your nursing home. Just the person you want to care for you in your old age; someone you blew off for a bunny who croaked after 2 years and whom you might not even remember by then. Pets come and go; children are forever.

It's ok, OP. I'm sure that your bunny wants you to come home more often. Bunny's opinion trumps Mom's opinion. Always. Because rabbits are just that awesome, bro.

Bunnies are tiny hate machines. That rabbit is definitely aggravating OP's allergies on purpose.

Llama_Face89 33

34- I am appalled! What would Fluttershy say?

71 - she would agree! Bunnies are secretly planning world domination. My own is most definitely full of hate and anger and she only cuddles me to lower my guard. Trufax.

Holy shit u can reply to a reply... REPLICEPTION

But then the cooking probably goes as well...

Make some rabbit stew... problem solved :D

Hey now, don't be pushing OP into making any rash decisions.

"Rash" decisions... Clever... Very clever... ;)

Mmhm, I'm like a mother-******' wordsmith over here.

That's her way of getting you out of the house

Yeah what's wrong with saying out with friends more?

Llama_Face89 33

They're in university. Given the choice of sleeping in my own bed or crashing some place else on my breaks i would choose my own bed in my own room 9 times out of 10.

aly_pinay22 8

Bunnies are too adorable! But sorry to hear that OP.

She could have been more nice, she could have had a friend take take care of it while you're gone.. It's not that hard I guess, or what about medications? Sorry to hear that your mom is like that though, that kind of shows how your mother is.. At least you know her standpoint when concerning you :) Fyl, have a nice day ^^

I'm sure someone would love a pet bunny, just think of how happy they would be because of you.... And there are always other animals :) Sorry OP

Epsilonyx 15

Are you done with Uni or just visiting? Because it'd be a bit rash (hehe punny) to get rid of the bunny when you'll be leaving again! You could just keep it out of the way when you visit.

She made a commitment when buying the bunny. It's not the same as a shirt that you can just return if it's inconvenient later. It's not like you live at home and you're permanently there. You're just visiting. You expect your mom to live around your needs when you're not even with her? That's pretty selfish.

She made a commitment when getting a kid too you know.. Parents have a responsibility for a long time. So OP is not selfish.. Sorry if I'm sounding harsh.

Having a child does not mean the mother needs to put the kid's needs before hers for the rest of her life. The kid's a college student. The commitment is really for the first 18 years, and a loving attachment after. Sure I always expect my mom to be there for me, but waiting until she's finally off to college to do something for herself seems like a really long time. If she was a good daughter, she would put up with it to make her happy, for everything she's done for her. Of course, these are all assumptions based on the very little info we have. We can argue either way yada-yada.

Put up with being severely allergic? Sorry me but, it's not that easy, and can have some fatal consequences in worst case. Commitment for only the first 18 years? A child always needs the support of a mother/father mostly, always something to go back to if everything goes to hell with life. Her mother could have a pet sitter take care of the bunny while OP is home, or a friend do it. And "severely" are most likely serious case. Are you allergic to something at all? Don't take it lightly. A mom have more responsibility for her own kid than a pet bunny.

Or there is something called "allergy" medication. Or OP can carry an Epinephrine pen if her throat starts to close up. Just sayin.

If it was actually life-threatening, this wouldn't be an issue. Keeping the house clean, making sure no saliva / urine / fur gets in the way / keeping the rabbit far away from her for the (potentially) very short time she's actually there may be all that's needed. An animal's life is special. A pet is part of the family, and it's important that the rabbit gets a chance, especially since the kid's away at university.

That's true Hama, I were not sure if allergy mediation worked on rabbitfur too.. But I'm out of this conversation, sorry :)

Now now, we don't throw away living things. We adapt to them through such things as environmental change. Has being alive for so long taught you nothing?

Or build an outdoor shelter for mr. bunny (with heating if needed) so none of the allergens even get into the house. I wouldn't expect my parents to get rid of a pet for me if I don't even live there anymore, just make it a bit less terrible if it's within their power.

I agree with 26 and also believe kids come first. If the allergy wasn't bad they wouldn't have gone to the doctor. I bet if the mom was the one who was allergic she'd figure something out. It sounds like OP doesn't live there full time so why not get a bunnysitter or have an outdoor cage as suggested. Sounds like the mom isn't open to any of those suggestions though.

Why should the mom have to adapt to her daughters needs when she has been doing that all her life. OP needs to stop being selfish. It's a rash and chances are her mother misses you.

MissHayleyJames 7

I totally agree with Superv. Once you get a pet, you keep it for life unless they're trying to maim and kill you. I hate when people think pets are just some disposable accessory to get rid of when they feel like it. My husband is severely allergic to cats and my mom has her cat, and the cat I had as a kid. We don't expect her to get rid of her cats when we go visit. She just vacuums and he pops a Zyrtec and takes his inhaler. We thought for awhile he was allergic to my dogs so we just kept the dogs in a different part of the house because **** no am I giving up my dogs. We also just adopted a 7 year old, three legged, mutt with cancer who's incontinent. Most people would have dumped her back with the shelter when they found out about the cancer, but we take getting a pet as a serious commitment so she's going in for a $1600 surgery next week to remove the tumor. Sorry for the long post. It just pisses me off the way people see pets.

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vb68_fml 28

In that case it is easy. We are talking bunny here and a bunny can easily be out in a cage in a remote area of the house when she visits. It's not like a cat or a dog. So the allergy should be easy to manage when she is around...

Well you can't cry about it now, if your mom's really serious about not getting rid of it you can either : A) kill the bunny "on accident. Or B) get an apartment. There is always the option of ruining mom's life too.

Llama_Face89 33

Wow you're kinda a terrible person, eh?