By scaredofhedges - 07/01/2013 10:21 - United States - San Diego

Today, I was on a plane and realized that the woman next to me was hiding a hedgehog in a plastic container. I'm severely afraid of hedgehogs but not wanting to give the woman up and get her in trouble, I tried to stay quiet. Which led to me to quietly hyperventilate and pass out on the plane. FML
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That has to be the weirdest thing to have a phobia of!

I can't sleep now that I know there are people who don't report hedgehogs on planes.


That has to be the weirdest thing to have a phobia of!

I beg to differ. I have heard of some much weirder phobias...

It's funny, because your profile picture kind of looks like a hedgehog...

1-Have you heard of hippopotomonstrosequipedaliophobia?

I knew a girl who is afraid of cotton balls...

perdix 29

I have a fear of expense reports. It may sound funny, but I've probably lost out on several thousand dollars from companies that owed me money because of the anxiety caused by the reimbursement process.

If I had hippopo... Every time I had to say that I had hippopo... I'd probably have a heart attack.

61: Yeah words are cruel things. Dyslexia, for example. How the hell is a dyslexic person supposed to spell that? Or lisp. Whoever created those words is a blatant troll.

Ever heard of anatadieaphobia (might not have spelled that right)? It is the fear that somehow, somewhere a duck is watching you.

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False. I am terrified of Ketchup. My friends didn't believe me at first. And then I started hyperventilating at lunch.

what about cotton? or ballons? or pickles? or bunnies?

lmao, everyone thinks my fear is stupid. I have a fear of over flowing toilets. and toilets when they have no water in them. and the inside of the back of the toilet. especially the big black thing. I hide in the shower until I think the water has gone down. Not sure if there's a name for those things. XD

#37, I knew a girl who was terrified of fruits. She went to a restaurant once and forgot to ask them to remove the lemon on her water, so she started crying and had to get someone to take it away from her. It's a wonder she didn't get scurvy... Oh, and my grandmother is afraid of shoelaces. O_o

GhostDuck 30

I've heard of/ have seen videos of people's phobias of: cotton, pickles, styrofoam peanuts, rubber (gloves and bands), and balloons...

This kid back in middle school was scared of paperclips. You'd put one on his desk and he'd flip out.. Poor people.

Really? I've heard stories about people who have phobias to peaches and buttons. I

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My little sister is obsessed with a celebrity that has a phobia of spoons...

I have a intense fear of Charlie Chaplin. Though I don't think that's weird, probably quite logical.

MrBrightside21 20

It's played up. It's really only spoons that have had the possibility of someone having used them before or something happening to them that he doesn't know about (like in a restaurant). Sorry, I've known for a few years so it doesn't seem all that strange considering the fact I had a few friends who stopped using spoons because of it..

There are phobias for letuce, long words and even homework.

Was that a Wizards of Waverly place reference? And yes guys, I watched disney when it was good.

I wouldn't say it's the weirdest, but I do wonder what could lead to a phobia of hedgehogs. That's an FML I would like to see.

My best friend has a fear of cucumbers.

110: were they afraid of condoms? Not tryin to troll here, just genuinely curious.

exactly 84! I have a lisp and when I mention it people go "you mean lithp? haha"

I watched this documentary on tv once about this man who had a phobia of baked beans...

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should have sleep and pretend its never there .. anyways fyl

Should have told someone. There's a reason animal smuggling is illegal.

I can't sleep on planes anyway. Maybe passing out was a good thing?

They might not have been smuggling it. I've been allowed to take my cats in the cabin before. Given security measures these days, it would be nearly impossible to get it through without being noticed.

If it was legal and accepted by the authorities then why would the woman be 'hiding' the hedgehog, as the FML states? And why would the OP think the woman would get into trouble? Something's telling me this woman wasn't an official 'hedgehog courier' (if that's a thing).

Maybe she wasn't "hiding" it? Maybe she was just coming back from a trip and already made the appropriate people aware she had the hedgie and OP is just freaking out because of their fears?

The OP is likely assuming the other passenger was 'hiding' the hedgie, due to their own fear. Hedgies are allowed to fly. They go through the same security scan as your backpack/laptop/shoes in their carrier, and are fine.

52 - She could have been "hiding it" so she didn't cause any kind if disturbance on the flight. I know anytime I take my sugar gliders anywhere there's a huge hubbub the second someone sees one.

Hedgehogs can totally ruin ground nesting birds by eating their eggs. That and wild ones are often covered in fleas. But I'm nice and still feed them every now and again if I find one in my garden

Maybe it would of been smarter if you asked her to put it away?

Put it away where? She was already hiding it. The op wasn't afraid because it was out, the op has a phobia so just knowing it was anywhere in the proximity, contained or not, triggered the reaction.

perdix 29

I guess you didn't want to *lower sunglasses* rat her out.

She really ended up *sunglasses* hedgehogging the spotlight..

perdix 29

#12, perhaps, like the hedgehog, the OP should grow a *lsg* spine.

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This is bullshit! A few minutes ago, comment #4 was about +10 and suddenly it's -12. Someone is ******* with the voting system and I hope the staff can stop it!

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#51, thank you, Alan, I will. I am happy you are on top of it!

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#64, yes, yes, I am! I'm OK with taking my lumps for comments that people don't like, but something stunk about some of the moves in the last 16 hours or so. I believe the staff has solved the problem quickly, so that makes me happy. Years ago when FML was starting out, someone showed me a script I could use to get 25 thumbs up at one shot. I never used it (no, really, I didn't) and I would think the site had upgraded to prevent that kind of shenanigans.

...Can I call upon Alan anytime I need help? And if so... How come I cant talk about killing other people on FML? O, God that is Alan, please hear my prayer and answer my question..

Any chance the downvotes would have come from an influx of people who know that hedgehogs and rats are about as closely related as humans and rats?

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I thought humans and rats were pretty closely related. We have similar body systems, similar reactions to digs, and we're all over the planet.

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None of your comments are funny, ******.

I can't sleep now that I know there are people who don't report hedgehogs on planes.

Damn, now I can't sleep because of your name.

168, now I kind sleep because of your photo

Should have gotten a snake to eat the hedgehog. .. Always snakes on a plane...

You do know hedgehogs kill snakes and eat them right?

perdix 29

"Get those motherf**kin' hedgehogs off my motherf***kin' plane!" Let's see if Samuel L. Jackson can say this and keep a straight face.

I couldn't keep a straight face trying to say that like Samuel L. Jackson.

Do you also have beef with Sonic the hedgehog?..

OP would turn the game on see Sonic start hyperventilating and pass out...

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How did that get through security?

Krajjan 9

I'm assuming it was neither a metallic nor explosive hedgehog. I doubt automated screening detected such a threat. Sad to see such a glaring loophole in the system. Do you know what a trained killer can do with a hedgehog? The mind boggles.

It'd have to go through metal detectors, xrays, and depending on the airport, strip searches. How DID it get past security?

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I'm glad I am not the only one who was confused by a hedgehog being on the plane.

If it was in a plastic container and the OP was easily able to spot it, I doubt it was well hidden. So, maybe it was in the plane as a pet?

I'm not going to go in to detail but let's just say... It was a pain in the ass

put the plastic container in your pants, hope they dont strip search you

131 I don't think that's how it works.

lizzi02 13

There are a couple of airlines that allow hedgehogs to come on board with the passenger. They have to pay an extra fee, but it can be done :) I was looking into bringing mine on a trip with me a few months ago.

Yeah #1 like koumpounophobia (fear of buttons) or the anatidaephobia (fear that somewhere somehow, a duck is always watching you)...

Well the second one is understandable; ducks are freaky.

Ducks aren't freaky, they're delicious!

The second one would be very well-founded at my university (York, UK) since there are ducks absolutely everywhere on campus.

perdix 29

#13, if that also applies to girls making duck faces, I'm not sure that would be an obscure phobia.

It amuses, yet saddens, me to hear people citing a phobia Gary Larson made up for a Far Side panel still being cited as if it were an actual known medical disorder - even describing it in the exact wording he used - well over a decade after he did so. Ah, source amnesia, will your wonders ever cease?

SneezyC 15

My friend has an irrational fear of belly buttons.........

Mate I know its made up!!! Still hilarious after all these years!! Do you expect me to reference my source material when I am commenting on an FML post?? Oh and the first one is real though...