By simpleasjam - United Kingdom - Worcester Park
Today, I screamed at a taxi driver to not run over a hedgehog. He got a fright and ended up pulling over. I hopped out and ran to the middle of the road to pick up the hedgehog and leave him on the grass by the path. As I got closer and went to pick up said hedgehog, I realised it was a pinecone. FML
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16 - Doesn't matter. You never just scream at a driver. Even if there are no other cars, they could panic and veer off the road and either hit something or go into a ditch, etc. You can easily communicate to the driver in a calm, but urgent tone if you need to.

  TheBiggerBoot  |  7

Doesn't matter, ever hear of single car wrecks? What may be a shriek to you could have startled him enough to run off the road. Stop trying to defend your irresponsible behavior.

  tantanpanda  |  26

#23, I hate people like you who shriek in the car. Do you know how it feels for someone to shriek in the car? The driver thinks something major is wrong and you then cause them to panic. I don't drive one of my friends around anymore because she shrieked at stupid shit. If you want to throw yours and the driver's life away for some animal on the street (like that movie Beetlejuice) then be my guest.

  simpleasjam  |  5

Not defending my "irresponsible" behaviour, just didn't appreciate you calling me an idiot. I did apologise to the driver and noted my carelessness for shrieking. Suppose you're perfect and have never made any mistakes? Well done, you deserve a medal.

  PhoenixChick  |  26

"Today, I told the internet that I did something really really stupid. They said I was stupid. I got really offended. How dare they think I was stupid?"

By  s0m3guy2010  |  21

You must have really been pining for that hedgehog to almost cause a crash and pull over. Furthermore, it made the driver leave his cone of comfort. What were you thinking?

By  RichardPencil  |  30

You should have wrapped the pinecone in your coat and ordered the taxi driver to rush the hedgehog in shock to an emergency animal hospital.

You'd save face and probably get a free cab ride.