By you're shitting me - 27/05/2013 05:05 - Australia

Today, after months of tests for mystery nerve pain, I went to get more blood taken only to leave the clinic with an empty tin to collect my bowel movements for the next 72 hours. Which needs to be refrigerated. I live with 4 other people, with one fridge. FML
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#61, for the next 72 hours. I think the problem is not OP, but you and your ability to read.


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OP has to collect ALL bowel movements for 72 hours. Good luck OP I hope it's nothing too serious.

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#61, for the next 72 hours. I think the problem is not OP, but you and your ability to read.

CharresBarkrey 15

"To collect my bowel movements for the next 72 hours." It literally cannot be expressed more clearly.

Or keep it in a cooler with ice. Or put it in an ice-cream container, duct tape it shut, write your name all over it, and loudly and greedily proclaim it yours. If they open it after that, jokes on them :P

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Double arrows is 2 things up not just one

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I can just imagine one of the roommates saying, "Why does my food smell like shit..."

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Explain the situation and I'm sure your roommates will contain the situation otherwise someone is gonna mistake a log for a tootsie roll or another like confectionery.

peachesncreem 21

I'm sure the smell will give them a clue that it's not a sweet treat to be consumed.

Label the tin or your poor housemates will get a nasty snack.

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It has a pathology Label on the lid

CharresBarkrey 15

The containers are see-through. I doubt the roommates will even want to look at it.

I didn't realise it was possible for tin to be transparent

If your flatmates have ever done anything wrong to you this is your chance at getting them back. Simply write "chocolate pudding" on the container an let the hunger games begin. Or just hold it and do a really big dump in 3 days. You life is ****** either way.

Who writes chocolate pudding on something you don't want others to investigate?

Someone needs to learn to read first, process, THEN write reply.

Just tired. It happens, to me at least. My bad.

I hope none of them get the munchies in the next few days :-/

Is there a particular reason why you need a tin full of it instead of a regular sized sample?

AurumPotestasEst 16

Because it's for three days...

CharresBarkrey 15

Timed tests and random tests are very different. A timed test such as what OP had been instructed to do will give them a much more specific answer for what they're looking for. They might not find that in a random sample.

Just hope no one mistakes it for chocolate :o

I really don't want to know what kind of chocolate you've been eating!

Perhaps now would be a good time to invest in a personal mini-fridge.

perdix 29

#11, it's not really an investment, it's an expense. An investment is money laid out in the hopes of recovering more money in the future. Now, if you had a plan to extort the mini-fridge money out of your roommates ("The doctor ordered me to store my shit in our refrigerator, and I'm too broke to buy my own.") and then sell it on Craigslist when you are done with it, that would be an "investment-grade strategy."

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Craigslist search -> mini fridge.