Vacation blues

By Anonymous - 21/07/2012 05:26 - United States

Today, I was headed on vacation with my family. On the way, our trailer tire blew out. Because the trailer was tilted from the flat tire, the door would not open to get the spare. After breaking the window to get the spare and putting it on, the spare blew out. FML
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Time to pull the jack out of the truck to lift the trailer. No broke window.

#20 your picture scares the shit out of me

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And all the family goes AAAAAAAAA all the way home!!

They deities are not allowing you to have a vacation.

in other words, the gods. i believe Hindus are the ones who refer to them as deities.

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Apparently so do your spelling abilities. *Sucks Cheerio!

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Good thing "c" and "x" aren't close together on the keyboard, otherwise I'd say that you're wrong about 7's spelling abilities, the mistake was simply a typo, and you're trying to make someone else feel stupid for no good reason.

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A series of unfortunate events... Sequel?

I don't think that they have a crazy uncle trying to forcefully marry one of them/kill them, now that WOULD be and FML.

Wow! You sure must have pissed off that bitch, Karma, somewhere along the line!

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Maybe it's a sign from above that your vacation wasn't meant to be. Hopefully you got another tire somehow

Well atleast you had a spare tire in the first place

Yeah totally. That did them so much good.