By im_radd - 21/01/2010 07:31 - United States

Today, while in the waiting room at the chiropractor's office, I thought I'd be sexy and flash my boyfriend. Forgetting that my iPhone was in the front pocket of my hoodie, I lifted it quickly and hit myself in the mouth. Now I have a fat bloody lip and a boyfriend who can't stop laughing. FML
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Into self harm? Theres an app for that.

Apparently you never learned the difference between sexy and slutty.


Into self harm? Theres an app for that.

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LOL! Very nice!

It looks like you became the winrar of the lightning round for an epic first reply! Please choose your prize from the following list: 1) A beluga whale covered in seaweed (careful - they spit) 2) A beautiful China set... of families. OR you can pick what's behind the stripper-shaped drop cloth item. Choose wisely!

iPhones: Your an idiot and you're not fooling anybody.

win :)

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#1 definately one of the top 5 favorite responses to an fml I've seen

So awesome

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very smooth

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lol you MIGHT give perdix a run for his money but that's impossible....

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that made me giggle insanely. huge epic win.

ur pic is an epic win. im drooling. sry

#24's comment is even more epic... not. Srsly, you gotta stop with the retarded comments pretending like you're an announcer for some Spin the Wheel show. It's not even remotely funny.



You broke the chain by only getting -4, while 3 people before you had -9.

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Sorry I have to be the one to do this but I get irritated every time I read over it over. While waiting in THE room


Awesome. Thanks! lol

Erm, it's called a "waiting room" you're getting irritated over something you're wrong about. FYL

Why does everyone have to correct everything. it isnt school here. plus the way she said it makes more sense.

@ianformean Thanks jackass but I was correcting the fact that the FML said "while waiting in room.." Perhaps if you had read the entire thread, you would have realized that Sirin had corrected it which is why i said thanks.

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I'm confused on what your "fixing" it's called a waiting room, not that she was waiting in the room and ****** up the grammar

Apparently you never learned the difference between sexy and slutty.

This^ And it's beyond me why you'd flash someone in a public place. Not everyone wants to see that.

OP, you are the breast girlfriend EVER.

Ahahaha yes THIS.

this guy should never let go of this chick!

i said that same thing, that what you get for being a slutt.

How is showing your Boyfriend a part of your body slutty? if there was no one around, who cares. and also. who cares of there is someone around. I don't understand why people are freaked out about other peoples bodies. as if they've never seen a penis/boobs/******/ass. your born naked and most of the time you grow up naked... People can see animal penis, or boobs, or asses with out flinching or freaking out. but nooooo if we see the body of our own species its suddenly the most horrifying thing ever. I'm not saying everyone should walk around naked. but god damn If you see someone's "inappropriate" body parts that everyone has seen/has.. don't freak out .. Rant over. Good day sir/madam

It sounds as though you're trying to speak English but haven't quite mastered it.. "I was waiting in room, with iPhone, boyfriend" - doesn't really make much sense. I weep tears of vodka for you.

"Mmm. Your tears are so yummy and sweet. Oh, the tears of unfathomable sadness. Mmm-yummy, you guys."

What the heck are you talking about, 7?

Even though the execution got a little screwed up I'll give you extra points for the effort. Who doesn't enjoy a little flash every now and then?

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thts wat u get for being a *****

OP seriously is a fantastic girlfriend. She gets it. Ladies, pay attention. We guys are very simple, and easy to please.

Bee gets it!!!

Hoodie? Sexy? I learn something new everyday here...

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good call (Y)

Are you kidding me? A girl in a hoodie that is a bit too big for them and just panties snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie.. it doesn't get better than that.

Pictures (of your juggs) or it didn't happen!

you fail. Its "pics or it didnt happen" failure

Alrighty: Hehehehe.

I have an iPhone, and I'm better than you solely because I have it.

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******* intense you bimbo