By lalalalalala - United States
Today, I was excited to have a window seat on my three hour flight to New York. When I got to my row, I noticed the screaming newborn occupying the seat in front of me, and a pair of toddlers behind me. I then looked to my seat to find I have no window. FML
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By  Iknoweverything  |  29

You know those shades over the windows? I've always wondered why they had to be up during takeoff and landing. It's not like the pilot plans on parallel parking and asking the passengers "how close am I?"

Sorry for randomness, but I didn't feel like bitching.

  Aoifexzx  |  3

You wouldn't get one? Just cause screaming babies are a total pain in the ass it doesn't mean they don't have just as much a right to be on the plane as you do, OP just be glad your not the person who has to deal with the baby and the stress of having people give eyes at you because of something you can't help. Pity about the window seat though..

  MissBunny25  |  0

33 at least she has the guts to put up a picture of herself. not to judge, but you probably look like a fat paler version of Kristin Stewart with an anus shaped mouth. go eat some bat shit in your cave. it's dinner time.

By  usnwife  |  18

yeah, that sucks, but try being the one with the kids that everyone hates... sucks even worse, trust me! I have two kids under two and do a lot of flying. and I've flown alone and had kids next to me. much worse when they are yours!


i agree with you! i had my son who was almost 22 months at the time sitting in my lap sleeping and he threw up all over me one hour before we landed. now i want the op to tell me which is worse!

  dynky  |  3

I think it's worse for the person sitting next to you. You gave up your right not to be covered in vomit when you had kids. Think of it as the price you pay for overpopulating our planet. The poor person next to you didn't do anything to deserve it.