By scratchpost - 28/10/2010 12:07 - United States

Today, my cat woke me up by sharpening his claws on my breast. FML
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lucky cat...

ydi for having boobs hard enough for a cat to sharpen them on.


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hotair10 9

yeah, that pretty much sucks

YDI for petting it under the blanket grossing your roomate out. now your cat's getting you back for embarrassing it like that.

wrong FML my friend

KiddNYC1O 20

Scratch your pussy.

the pussy just wanted some pussy?

Maybe your pussy just needed some attention.

sorry 27# perdix is never THAT bad

the pussy wanted to have some boob time :p

pinkpillowz 0

31- wrong fml! but they were both about cats...

zyzter 0

read it again 80, I think they meant to put it here

tough titty said the kitty but the milk was still good!

i believe he was sharpening your breast with his claws...not sharpening his claws on your breast

lucky cat...

agm2010 0

she likes it rough(;

4 - That's what I thought.

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lucky only if their big :D

wow #4 fkin sexy

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So much for foreplay...

*cringes* I hope you are ok OP -_-

mintcar 9

Ouch. That really blows.

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Shin Chan is amazing.

mintcar 9

Ouch. That really blows.

hahaha that's a nice cat.

bad pussy cat! lol that must have hurt a lot though :/ sorry op

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you're cute:)


Careful with those!

DarkHelmet 10

Not the titties!!!! Bad Kitty BAD!!!!!!

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he was just giving her a check up, it is October...

to whoosh wats ur rank I'm cpt. sniper also recon u

DarkHelmet 10

who is whoosh?

yuhimjesus 0

calling bs on 84. A captain would be able to spell.