By Aphrodite - 23/01/2010 21:13 - France

Today, I was making out with my boyfriend, when the Taco Bell I'd eaten for lunch came back up for round two. Undigested rice and beans got stuck in his hair. FML
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so I am guessing he didn't go south of the border after that.

how did you not feel it coming? >.< FHL


That is so hot. So what happened during the actual sex?

Lol so guess what, she got turned off from him smudging the vomit all over her

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He got the full eating out experience.

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your boyfriend is so ugly he makes you throw up? dump him. though he probably dumped you already for regurgitating all over him

I bet he got this big hard boner

skullbashd 3

well he gave her a sausage wrap to throw up.

Did you sex after?

Yo quiero Taco Bell


Me Tambíen.

the accent goes on the "e" dumbass

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yo quiero tacos y nachos 

Yo soy Taco Bell (yes, I know I just said I am Taco Bell. I don't regret it)

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He got wood from it, didn't he?

Lmao, that's nasty. It's more like FHL.

TheDrifter 23

When I saw round two, I wasn't thinking vomit. I had thought they were decidedly farther along than making out, but either way, that's nasty.

how did you not feel it coming? >.< FHL

Puke is often sudden or subtle. It's not likely that you would notice before it was too late.

Did he hit your uvula with his tongue?

so I am guessing he didn't go south of the border after that.

I loved that comment

FHL for sure, eww..

YDI for eating Taco Bell.

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All that needs to be said.

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taco bell is the shiz

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