By fatty - 23/01/2010 21:44 - United States

Today, I asked my friend who is a fashion major why she didn't want to use me as a model for her senior project. She said my boobs were too big. I doubt it'd have been an issue if I were a girl. FML
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Proudmary 2

:(. I wish i had your problem. (I'm a girl though)


Towelie_31 0

first, and lol you got manboobs!

daveyb123 0


you're a noob you didn't know till today you're a fat guy with man boobs? Don't you have a mirror or something?

did u really just use the term noob?

Really, OP?.. You thought you had a chance, even though you're a fat, ugly person? XD YDI for asking stupid questions..

your being a total dipshit of an asshole This guy is probably a BAMF

skitzoyd 0

Hahaha lmfao that was funny

Thabb 0


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Proudmary 2

:(. I wish i had your problem. (I'm a girl though)

050294 0

Don't. They suck. I am almost a DD, and my back is always killing me.

dudeitsdanny 9

Don't. For the reason she said. Some of us guys prefer smaller ones so don't worry, if that's the reason why.

How dare you refer to yourself as a guy. You camwhore.

janise 2

Try back exercises. They work wonders for me.

dudeitsdanny 9

Freeze- I'm sorry I'm good-looking enough to be able to put a picture on the internet without getting sue for causing blindness in adults, and trauma in small children. Speaking of that.. I see you're missing a picture and testicles, since you felt the need to say that.

you look like a down syndrome cross eyed ostridge-human hybrid


Haha touché!

lalamike25 0

Okay, now let's all wish we were fat here

pendulum2012 0

I wonder if there will be a bunch of comments from guys defending their man boobs...

afarr 0

double win

oh!! I moderated this one!! !!! LOL!!!

lol. fat people getting their hopes and dreams shattered makes me laugh.

rofl! maybe he didnt wanna get rid if his moobs cause he likes to play with them since they're most likely the only ones he'll get

That's when you look in a mirror, right?

Because you're fat yourself? Or you're just a cunt :D

awww thats goota hurt!!!

anela_fml 0

awe trust me it's hard to find clothes to fit even as a girl with big boobs