By FirehouseShowersAreGross
Today, I’m showering at a local firehouse. Why? Because our shower is broken and my dad refuses to fix it, or get someone to fix it for us. It’s been a year and a half since I've showered in my own home. FML
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  Elianas001  |  14

i would if i had a way to get the parts and everything but im just a young teen, cant even drive so its pretty hard to do it. I appreciate the suggestion though


some homes or apartments might not have a bath, just a shower. or maybe there's another reason they can only wash standing up, mobility issues perhaps and can't use a bath. or perhaps with the shower broken the tub facet is also broken, so both bath and shower don't work. tho i have to wonder, does the father just not bath. ew

By  gingacutie96  |  9

You can always call someone yourself and pay yourself? We live paycheck to paycheck and yet I am an adult and when stuff goes wrong in the house I also call people up to have them come out and I help pay or pay completely if I can. I’ve handled infestations, ac repairs, cable issues, power outages, car issues, and a lot more instead of waiting and making my dad do it cause I don’t want to. Im also insanely introverted so idk. I’d try calling yourself.