By shakyhands - 22/03/2011 02:48 - United States

Today, my dad was stupid enough to think that the kitchen sink is a good place to clean a gas tank. Now, the whole house smells of gas fumes and I'm about to pass out. FML
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Just open the windows for some time. Problem solved.

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quick suggestion-get out of the house!


Just open the windows for some time. Problem solved.

Kefka91 15

yeah highly recommend the windows being opened. those fumes can't be good for your health.

exactly its as easy as opening the window or going outside. OP is a dumbass, a bigger dumbass than the dad

theten_fml 9

the dad just posted an FML saying my son is a crybaby, FMS

No_habla_espanol 11

What the hell? No reason to call someone a dumbass. Stop being crude for no good reason.

The windows may be open and the smell is just that strong. I've been in situations where the fumes from something were so strong that even after every window had been open in the house for about three hours, with fans running to help push out the fumes, the air still wasn't really breathable. That having been said, you shouldn't be so quick to call the OP a dumbass because for all you know they are doing everything they can to air the house out.

Though I will agree that she could just leave the house. Than again, since we don't know everything about the OP, they could not have a license, be living in the middle of nowhere, and lack anywhere to really go other than her own front/back yard.

is it just me or are some people on here actually defending the ops and being all do goody?? and ops dad is a dumbarse for cleaning a fuel tank inside. that fuel will screw up the pipes and may leak into the storm water system

# 14 He can post a thread saying his son is a woman too then, FHL if he just noticed!

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I'm thinkin this should be a Darwin Award instead of an FML ... # 59.. gas will not harm the drain pipes, which do NOT go into the storm drain system... OP your Dad is a booger eating moron & you are a whining bitch. open the windows and get your lazy ass out for a walk while the place airs out.

that is because gas fumes and other fumes like carbon monoxide travel up so opening a window will not really help much you must air out the whole house to get rid of it so my best advice is to get out of your house immediatly and call someone to get this problem resolved so that someone does not die from a result of inhalig the toxic fumes

Nobody cleans gas tanks anymore. We have robots to do that now dumbass!

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It was probably off of a motorcycle.

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quick suggestion-get out of the house!

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Agreed. OP is on FML when the is "about to pass out" You think she'd get off fml and get out of the house...

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thats alot more clever than my suggestion. febreeze is goodness in a bottle x]

SmallyBigs 9

Instead of showers, I spray myself down with Febreeze.

lol that is such a good idea! febreeze is awesome!

blaze on some huka and the explosion will be a crazy dream

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I guess you'll have to stay outside! by the way, what is anti flood?

It is what keeps a person from spamming by limiting the amount of times you can post in a given time period.

it's a spray to stop floods. The bible forgets to mention how Noah actually ran out because he was having a few beers when the missus told him to get some more. Of course he said, I will get it later, and we all know the rest

55- Hahaha! XD That was ******* awesome!!

use that as in excuse to go party and going out all day haha

perdix 29

Well, if he also wants you to be quiet, he's killing two birds with one stone. On the other hand, killing a certain annoying bird might just be part of his devious plan -- dunh, dunh, dunh!

sourgirl101 28

Just light a scented candle.(:

perdix 29

Hmmmm? Gas fumes and an open flame -- sounds like fun!

Hahah! Worst suggestion of the week award goes to sourgirl! :P

Really didn't contemplate that one did you sourgirl?

sourgirl101 28

Psst, it was a joke. (: I guess humor (even bad humor) is hard to detect.

Noes! It was funny, I think we just couldn't resist a chance to bust your 'balls' >:) All in good fun, of course!

should have said "light a fatty and blow it out your ass"

Given a chance to bust someone's balls I have to take it...

sourgirl101 28

Sooo, this is what it feels like to have my balls busted? Ouch! I need an ice pack. lol Pend, could I borrow some ice?(:

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just think, he raised you. Fyl