By kay_jay1819 - 19/11/2010 05:04 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I had great sex and afterward decided to take a shower together. He left the room to get some towels, so I went to the bathroom and wait. I walked out of his room wearing nothing but a thong and ran into his mom who had come home from work early. FML
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could've been worse, at least she didn't walk in on your great sex

Cue the "lol u guyze shud of hav a 3sum" comments from the naive 13-year-olds.


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Oh, shut up. You can't even spell.

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42: you're like fourteen. Your argument is invalid.

eh YDI for leaving the is easy in the bathroom. :)

42 is 16, 63. You can't do simple math, you're argument is invalid.

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that's hawt!!!

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you're odd

77 - Your* And 42 is 15 years old; you can't do simple maths.

100- actually I am 15 and am born in 1995. So she is actually either 15 turning 16 or already 16.

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62, Justin bieber has fans. Your argument is invalid.

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yeah 15

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He had it right the first time dumbass. You're in you are odd. He isn't talking about the OP having possession of 'odd' as you would in: Your bicycle, or Your sandwich.

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yes guy

haha lol awkward turtle ftw

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I remember that on rwj last night


could've been worse, at least she didn't walk in on your great sex

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good point

#3 agreed awkward but atleast it was with abit of decency :P

Cue the "lol u guyze shud of hav a 3sum" comments from the naive 13-year-olds.

They should have had a three-some

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What about the same comments from the old creepers? I'll await further instruction to inject my thoughts including a reference to the Oedipus Complex.

perdix, you never need permission to post raunchy illicit comments.

nice attempt at covering up what you would say by claiming a 13 year old might say it

haha dick. your own fault.

uh no it's 2 ladies

not nice:P I saw what you did the other night haha

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what I can't speak of a ménage a trois?

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And no. Not 13. Try again dear.

no, it's trois.

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Dumbass 98

At least it wasn't his dad.

elephant .

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his dad probably wud have praised him for it

well since he still lives with his parents you guys probably ain't old enough for you to be walking around naked in his parents house.

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Not everyone leaves home at 18. A good proportion of students stay at home whilst they study at university.

I know a lot of people who live at home for college. Like hell I'm gonna pay $5000-$6000 to live on-campus in a room the size of a small motel room 8 months out of the year.

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So they should have had sex with their clothes on?

No. They shouldn't have sex at all. Because if you have sex, you will get pregnant. And die.

I don't believe you. That has only happened to me once and I have had sex at least three times.

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I agree. Why are you walking around naked in someone else's house knowing his parents live there? Thats just as bad as not locking the door during sex and posting the fml on getting walked in on. ydi

#51 I like your undie..

Now everybody take some rubbers!

Keep your religious sh*t out of FML, please.

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at least? shouldn't you know that?