By BigBangrocksthenight - 03/04/2010 00:31 - United States

Today, I was making out with my boyfriend. Things got kind of heated, so he decided to take off my bra. They cooled back down when a bug flew out. FML
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maybe if you shower daily that won't happen... ydi for being dirty


adamsk1 0

maybe if you shower daily that won't happen... ydi for being dirty


was it a BOTFLY ? see pretty examples on youtube and reply.

VeryNice329 0

no. 2...I was thinking of joking about the daily showerage. I'm just too slow, but maybe the op has decent sized boobs and a beetle or something got stuck and just waited until the right time to escape....

adamsk1 0

no way!! she would feel that! seriously, think about it! anytime you've had a bug crawling on you haven't you felt it and kinda freaked out a little? I'm deathly afraid of spiders so even if my hair falls out and brushes my neck or arm I'm lookin for a spider. seriously all she needs is a shower. haha I wasn't trying to make it sound good. I would have said dirty girl if it was a sensual comment. but this is just plain nasty dirty.

Botflies are disgusting little creatures. My teacher showed us the video. Ugh, yuck.


I bet the bug killed the mood :(

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gnarley if I was him I'd get checked don't wanna run into more bugs ;)

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there can be an 'e' in gnarley/gnarly if you want. either way its a weird-ass looking word haha

technically that would be a spelling lesson but..thats alright (: haha

god damn nobody knows how to speak/spell correctly in this thread

You don't capitalize the first letter of every sentance lol. Very few people here can speak/spell correctly.

clearly thats not spelling or speaking. that would be considered typing, writing, or possibly punctuating.

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I don't understand why so many people demand perfect grammar on here. Its FML .com . Why do you care? Unless you cant understand what the person typed there's no need to go bitching. (This is to everyone in general, not just one person in particular)

i resemble that remark. alot of fmlers have brained thier damage from smoking jinga.

skullbashd 3

he looks like guy from no country for old men with the silenced shotgun maybe it is him

Why WOULDN'T you spell correctly? It's basic stuff. Now idm the odd apostrophe being left out, but please, speak in a coherant fashion. Unless you want to sound like an idiot, and consequently, be treated like one.

hellenn 0

haha i know right! i hate people who rite lke di

itz tha fukin internetz we can haz bee ritin bouts whueva tha phucks wee wuntz =/ free country. besides, its not a book. we dont spellcheck

i dont get did you not know?!? D:

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Be happy you weren't 203404938509345 yelling out "7th!"

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preeetty sure there wouldn't be THAT big of a number lmao

@97, Lol I know, you never know, one day there might 0_o

sourgirl101 28

Bugs in your bra! were they booBEES?

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sourgirl101 28

Nope, but it was told to me by a seven year old. Stop being so jaded.

chandlerthedog 0

boobees.... that's funny!!!!!

so u got wild....... anti flood protection....

Reminds me of the cartoons were a moth would fly out of a empty wallet.

Yeah, wouldn't you feel it crawling around in there?

SirWhatsHisFace 0

YDI for trying to poison your boyfriend with a dangerous bug, just so you can get some money. I hope you go to jail.