By a_B_c_D_e_F_g - 27/06/2009 14:29 - United States

Today, I was making out with my boyfriend. I opened my eyes to see his eyes fixed on something else. I turned my head to see what was so interesting. He was on his iPhone looking up recipes for things to wrap in bacon. FML
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lol I can see myself doin that

what can you say? bacon is just THAT good


gatorsxrule 0

lol I can see myself doin that

Women just don't understand. I'd do the same thing.. bacon, beer, cars, women are things we need to make a great day.

I just fell out of my chair from Lol'ing so much.

Yeeaah... It's a guy thing. I'm a girl and I get that. What do you expect? It's not FML.

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LMFAO, You Should've Been Like "Baby you can wrap ME in Bacon :) "

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you should have felt happy that he was allowing you to kiss him when he obv had more important things to do...looks like you've got a keeper there

Tbh I'm not sure I would want to wrap her in bacon. There is situations where bacon DOESN'T fit, as well. :|

I know... seriously. This should be an epic win!!

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sounds like my boyfriend.. lol. he wouldn't interrupt somethin like that with bacon though.

mmmm bacon

Yumm!! Check out epic meal time, they have the greatest ideas

what can you say? bacon is just THAT good

I agree #4. Bacon is pretty dam delicious, I swear it's addictive.

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Bacon is one of the greatest things in the world, so I really can't blame him. :)

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The real FML would be if he failed to find anything to wrap with bacon. Bacon should be a food group :(

YDI for thinking you're better than bacon.

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the magical animal that provides us with pork chops, bacon, and sausage mmmmmmm

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u got yourself a good man. bacon recipes? oh man, dont ever let him go.