By a_B_c_D_e_F_g - 27/06/2009 14:29 - United States

Today, I was making out with my boyfriend. I opened my eyes to see his eyes fixed on something else. I turned my head to see what was so interesting. He was on his iPhone looking up recipes for things to wrap in bacon. FML
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gatorsxrule 0

lol I can see myself doin that

what can you say? bacon is just THAT good


gatorsxrule 0

lol I can see myself doin that

Women just don't understand. I'd do the same thing.. bacon, beer, cars, women are things we need to make a great day.

Big deal. get over yourself

I just fell out of my chair from Lol'ing so much.

Yeeaah... It's a guy thing. I'm a girl and I get that. What do you expect? It's not FML.

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Briannaaa 0

LMFAO, You Should've Been Like "Baby you can wrap ME in Bacon :) "

xero_art 0

you should have felt happy that he was allowing you to kiss him when he obv had more important things to do...looks like you've got a keeper there

Tbh I'm not sure I would want to wrap her in bacon. There is situations where bacon DOESN'T fit, as well. :|

LOL, that's what I would've said!!!

I know... seriously. This should be an epic win!!

ha ur bf FTW

anon2468 0

sounds like my boyfriend.. lol. he wouldn't interrupt somethin like that with bacon though.

ROFL that sucks for you :/

mmmm bacon

Yumm!! Check out epic meal time, they have the greatest ideas

MamaCita1633 0

That sucks, maybe he was just bored o_o

what can you say? bacon is just THAT good

I agree #4. Bacon is pretty dam delicious, I swear it's addictive.

cherlana32 0

Bacon is one of the greatest things in the world, so I really can't blame him. :)

bezach 0

god made bacon to make up for ugly women.

Cormophyte 0

The real FML would be if he failed to find anything to wrap with bacon. Bacon should be a food group :(

He might wanna wrap YOU in bacon Mmmm C[=

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YDI for thinking you're better than bacon.

SP63_fml 0

I concur.

katelynmarie 0

Lmao, number 10 owns. =]

LMFAO you rule #10 :')))

the magical animal that provides us with pork chops, bacon, and sausage mmmmmmm

yuZj 0

u got yourself a good man. bacon recipes? oh man, dont ever let him go.