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Today, I texted my boyfriend a few dirty messages at lunch time and told him how badly I wanted him home. He texted back lecturing me on how I shouldn't be so drunk so early. I was totally sober, but now I need a drink. FML
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Lebeaugars95 20

Your boyfriend sounds really fun


Lebeaugars95 20

Your boyfriend sounds really fun

Or maybe Op's been drunk before and done something like that?!

I'd count it positive that he cares for her.

I mean, what did you want him to do? Drop absolutely everything and come over to your house?

Maybe she was just being flirty and giving him something to look forward to when he got home.

I see my fallacy here. God, that sounded dickish

You also need to text him back and tell him to pull his head out of his ass.

NomeDMF 17

That ungrateful bastard. Sorry OP.

JocelynKaulitz 28

Probably not if she may as well just use that as an excuse to have a drink.

Someone (and most of the commenters) are vastly over reacting to a misunderstanding.

nakagi 4

people on fml seem to down vote things pointlessly even when things make perfect sense

They downvote anything that makes sense, they only want emotional reactionary comments, not clear minded comments that are fair to all parties involved in the FML post.

You probably interrupted him taking "suggestive shots" of his ass and legs.

im_a_black_guy 10

At first I was like what, then I read the other fml and no I think this is by far the best comment here