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Today, I found my daughter's fanfiction account. I need a new pair of eyes, or brain bleach, or both. FML
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You might want to talk to your kid op, that stuff can get pretty graphic. Unless you believe she's old enough. Then ydi if she is.


Why rely on something that doesn't exist when you can rely on something tangible, such as a therapist?

well let some people express their beliefs even if they might not agree with yours ^

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Lighten up Dad, she'll be fine.

It's probably just sexual fanfics if not then they probably need therapy.

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Sure, because a) a girl's sexual fantasies about a fictional character is something so dreadful that requires the intervention of a deity, and b) it surely is a priority in this otherwise perfect world.... Don't worry 1#, god is ok with illicit sex: just see how many times incest and extra-marital sex happen in the bible!

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#1 There is no God, only Zuul!

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In my opinion, it's usually not the sex part that bothers me but that most fanfic is so awfully written it really does feel you a deity to help you. But sex fanfic CAN be hilarious... Just look at the one with the Hogwarts castle and the squid.

Depends on where you are reading. Certain places are more likely to have better writers and ALL writers start somewhere. You have to go through cringeworthy writing to learn and develop.

#131 It wasn't just the fact that it was fictional characters. You have no idea what exactly he read. Fanfictions can get pretty damn raunchy pretty damn fast. Not only that, but what if it was the type of creepy fanfic that was about YouTube personalities or something?

You might want to talk to your kid op, that stuff can get pretty graphic. Unless you believe she's old enough. Then ydi if she is.

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I agree with this only if the daughter is older. You should let her have her personal space, however, if she is still young, you should sit her down and have a talk about what is appropriate, and what isn't.. although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and this might be what she enjoys doing.

If it's on the internet, it's public. Therefore, not really sneaking around. Can't get mad at someone for seeing something that's open for everyone to see.

Privacy is all well and good but if he found it via her public accounts or googling the right things (as opposed to looking in her internet history) it's definitely something to be concerned about, because that means anyone could find it and link it to her.

Why do you assume she's sneaking around #4? The OP only said she found it. If it's a public account then the OP might have stumbled on it by accident. Or was looking for fanfiction and found it that way.

but how would they know it is their daughter's?

#43, probably the daughter had a profile picture of herself or her rl name on the profile.

I have to ask if he knew before or after reading it. If before, YDI, if before, well FYL.

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I don't think he was snooping around. it says he found it, not that he went looking for it. it's entirely possible that he just stumbled upon it by mistake.

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For those saying that he could have found it publicly, why would someone's father been searching for fanfic?

#85 Parents can like reading fanfics, too, you know.

There are a lot of writers who are parents of teenagers or older. I personally know of tons. And one male :) hes the husband of a famous (in the ff community) writer.

Well I think she might have left it open and her dad just went past and wanted to borrow her device and accidentally glanced at a few concerning details before looking into detail.

mariri9206 32

For 85 (as to why he would be searching) and 88 (to further your comment) A lot of authors on fanfiction are parents.

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I will be a donor for one of your new eyes. Walk with courage my friend, walk with courage. FYL

I would say, Y'all need Jesus, but it seems like only your daughter needs Jesus.

I can only imagine the result of that being terrible Jesus fanfiction. No one needs that.

"Jesus yelled, "YO HOMIES, LET'S SLAY THIS DRAGON!" and whipped out his lightsaber. His posse of 12 Dudes rode in on velociraptors, guns blazing. "YOU'RE TOAST, BITCH!", J.C. yelled as he swung his mighty sword, "SO SAY WE ALL!" And thus Jesus and the 12 Dude-ciples slayed the dragon and got turned up at the after party." You are sooooo welcome.

Not so fun fact: Jesus x Hitler Fanfiction is a thing. I had the horror of stumbling upon it. *takes shot of bleach*

Also not so fun fact: there is such thing as a gay graphic fic that has spongebob and Patrick jerking each other off. Not even kidding. I still need brain bleach. Meeting people who write fanfiction can be good or insane.

I've literally had a woman tell me I needed Jesus because I shipped JOHNLOCK

Google 'worst fanfics'. The top 10 list. Number 1 is "A Pokémon Story". Read at your own risk.. I don't know why I did.

Thanks, #150, now I have to change my avatar and my account I guess

Can't be any worse than 50 Shades of Grey.

StiffPvtParts 43

Yes. Yes, it can. Trust me, I've seen some shit... things no eyes should ever see. I'll never be the same again. @_@

Me too. But honestly, 50 Shades is pretty horrendous, and it is actually a fanfiction ( of Twilight ). I've seen some truly beautiful works of art called fanfiction though, and they more than make up for those horrific ones. There are some very blessed people out there who do more with words than anyone could do with film, and some of them are discouraged from writing by their parents/significant others. It's truly a shame.

Yeah, out of all the fanfiction, including amazing ones, THAT had to be the one published.

A lot of them have been published 57, i think you mean popular. I love anything by shay savage :) shes my fav.

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#39, I couldn't agree more. I used to write fanfiction that was strictly T or below rating, no worse than normal young adult literature but my parents snooped in my room and burned my hundreds of carefully handwritten pages. I had spent many many many nights and hours writing those, pouring my heart and soul into creating characters who became an extension of my personality. Myself in situations where I wasn't helpless in the face of my parent's anger and disapproval. And there is no way that I can recreate what I wrote and be as satisfied with it as I was. Even after four years it still hurts.

digital and backups on a flashdrive, buddy.

I don't think someone who writes escapism fantasies about getting away from emotionally abusive parents has access to digital copies and flash drives, 'buddy.'

What is it with people knocking 50 shades !!

leogachi 15

@121 Fifty Shades of Grey is poorly written. That's why people bash on it. I bash on it because the author romanticizes abusive relationships.

Hate to say it, but it's not as far off as 1 might believe, we are romantic, with a kick.. I am S/M and B/D 100 o/o

It's not real BDSM though. Many in the BDSM community especially hate it because it shows abuse while claiming its BDSM.

It makes it look like BDSM relationships are abusive, ignoring the use of safe words that are a key part of it. BDSM involves a lot of trust, which obviously isn't in 50 shades of grey. He rapes her.

I'm into it and I can say this book has nothing to do with bdsm it's plain rape and abuse...

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My Mum threw out my writing when I was a teen and I'm still ticked off when I think about it. I've written tonnes more since then, and from what I can remember most of what I lost was awful, but she robbed me of the opportunity to see how far I came (or didn't) and see both my progress and also get an outsider's perspective on my childhood imagination. CBC Radio 1 has a programme called "Adults Read Things They Wrote As Kids". You should see if you can find it online (they podcast their stuff); it's hilarious. The sense of hurt and betrayal will probably eventually ease off (it's been about 25 years for me and it doesn't hurt like it used to) but I suspect the disappointment will never completely go away. Keep writing! And try and recall it when you're falling asleep; maybe you can at least remember some characters and plots, and resurrect them. Seriously, **** people who destroy other people's writing. It has value to the author far beyond whether or not YOU found it worthwhile.

#128 to doomedgemini... As much as I hate and protest against bdsm it is true. fifty shades isn't a bondage is a rape fanfic.

You can never look at your daughter the same way again

Am I the only one whos constantly surprised everytime a parent with older children posts an FML? like its shocking they can use the internet let alone cool websites

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Well... you're not the only snot-nosed little bastard on here that thinks anyone over 30 is ancient and can't use technology, so the answer's probably "no". You're still an idiot though.

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Dude, we INVENTED the Internet. It's like being surprised we can drive.