By KmartFart - United States
Today, I had a surprise birthday party for my mom who turned 57. About an hour into the party, I look over at my mom and she was grinding all over my best friend while holding a bottle of tequila in her hand, and a pair of leopard skin panties hanging out of her pants. FML
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  jackkerouc9  |  0

Next morning


"Tequila makes me do bad things, and it didnt end at grinding honey."

  Ligerie  |  0

Well I have a grandma that does do that, and no I'm not embarrassed, its funny. If I wanted her to stop i would say so. Nobody's life is fucked here.

By  TheTruth1428  |  0

Why would your best friend be at a party for your mom? Shouldn't it be your mom's friends?

Also, this isn't really a FML, it's a FyourfriendsL for having your nasty mom grind on him / her.

  andyroxs  |  2

What does me being 12 have to do with 17 btw.. and my mom is what... 45? Anyway i just cant imagine ANY 57 year old woman being "id like to fuck" theyd look nice, maybe, but secks? naww

  redbluegreen  |  40

Well, to be serious, no one on this site should have a mother under the age of 40. How would someone about 17 have a grandmother that's 57? I mean, it happens, but your mother would've had to been pretty young when having you, and her mother as well to get three generations in 57 years.

You'd be shocked about how many attractive 57 year olds there are too. Maybe some parents smoke and look 70, but some age actually quite well. And many of them are still having sex and getting guys and girls in their early 20s. Some people are really into the older ones too. Just because it's not for you, doesn't mean someone else isn't.

  kukopia  |  0

"Well, to be serious, no one on this site should have a mother under the age of 40." I don't know what your mommy told you, but 'this site' is open to anyone with an internet connection. Go away until you grow up. On second thought, just go away.