By Anonymous - 03/04/2011 09:35 - Australia

Today, I was in the shower 'grooming' myself for my second anniversary with my boyfriend. Halfway through the hot water ran out. I now have the choice of going with the low 'half-fro' or risking hypothermia. My boyfriend thinks hypothermia would be the better option. FML
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kaitlyn3xo 0

don't be a baby just finish up quick, your not gonna get hypothermia from a cold shower

maybe wait a few minutes for the water to heat up, or tell him to deal with it.


You live in a house. With a heater. And blankets. Your not going to get hypothermia.

even I agree and I'm a female!! nobody wants any kind of fro going on!! come on now!!

iTaylor 0

you could go get the lower half waxed. problem solved :)

You don't get hypothermia in the shower. Because you are a drama queen, OP, YDI. I've had it. It took 45 degree water, wet clothing, and a night in the wet clothing in cold air outside (unplanned overnight on an island after white water kayaking). Two minutes of cool water will not do anything bad to your body.

Why is everyone going on about this extremely obvious point that she's not going to get hypothermia? uhh no shit. hey 31, remember me? of course not and who gives a shit anyways. on about homosexuals again I see, hmmm makes one wonder

I agree!!! don't look like 2 face down there!!! *interesting dialog voice* "half woman, half wolf. shakira was right, it's a shewolf!!!" DUNUNUH!!!

Autoshot 9

Wait 15 minutes for your hot water heater to warm up the water again. Just a thought.

I'm truly sorry man. you have no idea what your talking about, I can't continue to do this without being a total asshole. I fear your stupidity may lead me to hate all Canadians. I just can't have that, I love Canadia

KingDingALing 9

lol Canadia is that a newly discovered island?

Fight! Fight! and as an FYI, I'm in a homosexual relationship and my boyfriend doesn't give a **** if I have a "fro" because he loves me for who I am.

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dear *******, everyone calm the **** down. loosen up. it's FML, not Jerry springer. so everyone go back to their neutral corners and finish your macaroni. shave your backs as well, hairy beasts. im tired of getting that shit wrapped up in my feet. Love, MissBunny25

A7X_LoVeee 10

call charlie sheen he'll fix that right iup

rebekahah 7

84 yeah I had to look in the comments to see what OP meant by 'grooming'. I had a pretty good idea, but had NEVER. heard that term before.

yeah. completely agree!! I shave everytime I shower or I don't feel clean. that is beyond disgusting. boohoo the water is cold. my water gets ice cold everytime I shower but it doesn't mean I stop bathing. there should never be a fro down there, I don't care if snow starts coming out of the shower head.

YDI because I am pretty sure I shower like that alot and I never got hypothermia.

Not everyone shaves. Some people like it that way, and some people can't due to sensitive skin. I feel like I'm trying to spread 'awareness' about epilepsy or something.. geez..

yeah but you can't deny it's not disgusting to have some bush?

I think everyones skin is sensitive for a little while. Mine was but after shaving for so long my skin got used to it and it's fine now. plus it does matter what kind of razor you use. and yes, in 2011 it is disgusting to have a big ol' bush. Even for men it's gross in my opinion.

rebekahah 7

157- yeah, sensitive skin sucks.

159 your right you can make an arrow or a landing strip be creative with it

DeadxManxWalking 27

although you can just snip and snap with a pair of scissors

maybe wait a few minutes for the water to heat up, or tell him to deal with it.

Kyto7884 0

OP after "through" a comma would help...

Horde 8

Seriously, OP, you're that helpless that you can't bath or shave without hot running water? Have you heard about warming water in a pot? Using a basin? Hypothermia? WTF are you talking about, are you live on the antarctic? Suck it up, cold water did no harm to anyone (That cold, at least..)

Your a **** wit so u can **** off ok **** wit!

oh wow! copy and paste fail on my behalf!!! apologies. that was suppose to say I live in nsw too u won't get hypothermia love stop exaggerating

And that's when you should of said, well it's either sex or no sex


he'd obviously warm you up later. now he might not even want to.

I agree with your boyfriend and also I agree with #2 YDI for letting it get that bad, it's not the 70's, the chewbacca isn't in style anymore...

thebassopotomous 0

If it seriously takes that long maybe you should **** shave a little more often. Or maybe take it as a sign that you aren't having sex very often, which means your bf finds you repulsive.

I do not think that use of repugnant language is required and personally find your comment rather distasteful :P

thebassopotomous 0

Welcome to the internet. Expectation of civility is gone the moment commander dipshit put her situation on FML. Its here for our entertainment. If she didn't want comments of all kinds, she should have kept her personal shaving stories personal.

you sound like you hate yourself.. so much anger.. go get laid or smoke a blunt or something.. chill bro - life isn't that bad

... you do realize not all people find looking like a pre-pubesent girl/boy sexy right? Having hair down there is natural and alot of people don't mind, it's a matter of opinion and taste.

cldean24 4

A matter of taste... hehehe

spadesghost 1

a lot of people don't like hair in their mouth either. just sayin'

Boil a kettle add some cold water and finish washing your hair, job done. :)

Shes not washing her hair.. *facepalm*

She's shaving the fuzz off of her peach, sweetheart. Pay attention.

haha Woops my apologies I've not been on the ball today.

12 is british, it's not her fault.

Lets not go down that route will only end badly. :)

Mubus, You're Canadian. that's like someone with Down Syndrome insulting an epileptic.

don't diss the canadiens we'll go all polar bear on your ass

Does that mean global warming will kill canadians too?

The Americans have different kinds of bear that will go on your kid's asses.... :D

awardZu 0

nope and neither will 2012 cause if ya didn't notice Canada wasn't mentioned once in the movie. sucks to be anyone else but Canadian

OhSoBueno 0

uv got elk, polar bears r to smart to go to Canada. free health care my ass

katiektastrophy 0

oh, does that mean canadians are of satan?

200 - As your name implies, you do fail if you believe 2012 will be the end of the world.

**** what is wrong with people from Canada spelling CANADIAN WRONG?! Way to give us a COMPLETELY horrible name! PS; we aren't all idiots!

Athena3_fml 0

Hey dumb ho, "Canadien" is the French spelling for know, since we live in a bilingual country? It isn't "wrong". You're just a stupid **** who made Canadians look even worse while attempting to come off smart. #Fail.

shoutenm 0

I prefer calling Canadians 'eskimos'

I personally call all Americans "hocks", dice they're from the south. logic makes the same sense as "Eskimo" right? You yanks should really learn more about the world, nonetheless your neighrbours, to bother with world politics. Speaking of which, after Libya who do you plan on bombing next? War-hungry pigs, you should all open your eyes and smell the coffee, which was probably grown outside of the States. Appreciate the world and it's diversity; God help us if the entire world were all like YOU.

Hicks*** apparently iPhone (an American product) didn't like the word describing it's origin

237 - But then you need to differentiate between genders -- Canadien vs Canadienne Unless you live in Quebec, I don't see why you can't just spell it "Canadian".

I knew this would turn into my country is better than yours pissing contest, well done guys

Athena3_fml 0

250-When referring to the general population, no you don't. The point is that it isn't wrong, and for that chick to be ignorant of the fact, while attempting to correct someone else at the same time was pathetic.

260 - I didn't read the actual comment itself until just now. When referring to the general population, and when speaking French (as it's not common to do so in English) you would not need to differentiate between genders. That said, it's really stupid to spell it 'Canadien' if you're speaking the rest of your sentence in English.

EXACTLY. Like, when I'm speaking about Germany in English, you don't hear me saying Deutschland. I say Germany. Because I'm not speaking in GERMAN.

Athena3_fml 0

#262 I'm aware of that. However, when the original comment was made, the female who made the comment was not aware that Canadien is the French spelling for it. Had she been aware, her comment would not have called those who spell it in French dumb, or implied that they are because they're spelling it "wrong". Instead she would have asked people to spell it in English while communicating in English instead of French.

I'm more than aware that's how people from Quebec spell it. But as far I'm also concerned, Quebecers (as a whole) aren't even proud to be Canadian. They want to be their own country for Christ sakes. We (the rest of Canada) have our own stereotypes towards Quebec, as they do for us.

slushpup9696 12

247 - Calling all Americans "war-hungry pigs" has rescinded your right to be mad when somebody makes a Canada stereotype joke. Try being self-aware and realizing not everyone in America has the same opinion about Libya.

a) the only reason my name has fail in it is cause i couldn't think of anything better to name it and b) I spell canadien with an e cause I am ******* French ok? is that so wrong I don't think so. 100$ sais I speak more languages than you

I speak more french in a week than I do English thats why I spelled with an e. and o don't think 2012 will happen I was pointing something out.

280 - I highly doubt you can PROPERLY speak more languages than I can. I cannot speak for anyone else. But since you seem to butcher the English language and can't even differentiate between English and French as a language, I'm going to say you're bluffing or a complete idiot. Just because you're French doesn't mean you're allowed to make that mistake. Sorry, but even the French can remember to a split second prior when they typed an English word. You don't just 'forget' you're speaking English.

rebekahah 7
rebekahah 7

but in all seriousness, a cold shower isn't so bad. just sport through it, you can't get hypothermia from that.

ReynshineCutting 10

It depends. I don't remember where it says OP lives but a cold shower in Colorado is literally painful since the water is so cold here.

She lives in Australia, its been pretty warm here and it's certainly not the middle of winter. You could quite easily get away with a cold shower, or even using the kettle to put enough warm water in the bath to finish the job, it's not like you need that much water..

My God, you're dramatic. Do you really need Victoria Falls to groom yourself? Presumably you are already damp. Handle your business, rinse off with cool water and be done with it.

Agreed. I think she just posted this for attention by telling the world she shaves down there. I mean, "I ran out of hot water in the shower" is quite possibly the lamest fml posted on here.