By baddad - / Monday 23 September 2013 04:44 / United States
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By  hghrider123456  |  21

Next time stand in front of the window wile your neighbors are watching and rip the head off of the doll.....have ketchup oelr something nearby for added affects.....I bet they'll never peep arlt uou again

  Elfkid21  |  21

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By  Baustigt  |  49

It's okay, OP. We believe you. It was just a misunderstanding when you shook the doll. And when you plucked out its eyes with a screwdriver. And when you chopped it up and hid its mutilated remains inside your neighbour's mailbox. And when you waited on their porch with your face pressed up against their window all night long.

By  simsgirlgem  |  39

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  xStaciexLynnx  |  39

I'm a mandatory reporter too. You are not supposed to go running to the cops over one thing that you don't actually know what you saw. That's like if a child fell in a classroom and you call the cops the next day because he has bruises on his knees. You have to be responsible about it, not make stupid assumptions.

  mFUNdo21  |  39

but the neighbour saw what she thought was child abuse. I doubt she was being malicious and trying to get OP into trouble for nothing. she just assumed she was doing the right thing. but fyl OP for the misunderstanding

By  DinosaurTacoTime  |  43

My brother and I could never stand Little Bill as kids. He always looks like he's going to die of cancer any second and it disturbed us. OP, I don't think they have any proof of abuse. Unless your child likes to run into doors all day.

By  thegravytrain  |  14

I would have b*tched my neighbors who called the cops the f*ck out. I also would have personally taken my baby AND THE DOLL around to every single house and showed them that there was NO bruises on the child and explained what happened.

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