By Ren - United States - Medina
Today, I went shopping. At the counter, the cashier started flirting with me and asked me for my number. He was cute, so I gave it to him. After walking out of the store, I got a text that said, "I didn't want to say it out loud, but your pants are unzipped." FML
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  free2speak  |  14

I thought it was sweet of him. I'd be beyond embarrassed if someone pointed something like this out loudly. I'd rather them whisper it to me if that's possible and in this case, I'm assuming it wasn't. And a cute guy that's chivalrous, that's rare. And like others have mentioned, you never know... Maybe he really was into you!

  natalalaliee  |  9

The OP said he was flirting with her, though. If he was, then just texting her that would be disappointing. It's not fun to think someone is into you when they're just going to text you something like that once and then stop.

  kiwienne  |  21

I think that was a really nice way to do it, actually. Would've preferred that over him leaning in, telling me and then watching my whole head go red in front of everyone. And I definitely didn't want to run around like that all day >.> most people are too afraid to say anything at all

  insomnimaniak  |  19

It doesn't say anywhere that that's all he ever texted her after that. He was working after all, so he just texted her that one thing so she wouldn't walk around like that.

By  Suptnik  |  9

Leaving your pants unzipped is really that big of a deal nowadays? I mean, seriously, there's some people (who shall not be named... *cough cough* gangsters *cough cough*) who hardly even wear pants anymore.

  AnxietySlave  |  9

#8 Really? People who wear pants very low are automatically gangsters.... Bad fashion choice yes.. But 80% of those guy's are just wannabe's... Thinking its cool... Not because they are criminals...

And on topic.. I think its nice that this guy told you private.... Its also a nice conversation starter..

  CharresBarkrey  |  15

17 - They clearly said gangsters hardly wear pants, not that everyone who wears low pants is a gangster. Kinda like the "all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares," thing.

By  lisakin  |  13

I think that's cute. If he said it out loud other people would eat him. This way only you and him know. Plus this doesn't mean he's not interested in you.

  iiAntheA17  |  7

11) I've been reading your comments, and posts. Just stop now. They've all been thumbed down. And this is the second time you've referred to it as "slutty"...