By meens42 - 30/09/2013 08:04 - United States

Today, my dad asked me to stop calling him "dad" because it’s too weird for his girlfriend’s kids to hear, because they call him dad. FML
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Doesn't seem like a man you'd want to call dad anyway.

Sounds like he cares more about her and her kids than his own. FYL


RedPillSucks 31

My first thoughts also. Perhaps call him papa, pops or daddio, instead?

Lil_Red777 21

OP shouldn't have to call him anything different, since it is actually their dad.

Tell him to stop calling you his daughter then.

you can call him old man. if you want to make him feel weird call him mom or mother. Makes a interesting conversation.

jw90 18

1- My thoughts exactly. That's messed up of him to do that to you. Makes you seem unimportant.

"Ay papi chulo"? Wait that's his girlfriend's nickname for him. Fine,"Sperm donor" it is!

Make it backfire on him. Next time he tells you that you can't do something or tells you to do some chores, just tell him that you don't have to listen to him because he's "not your dad"! See how he likes it then!

ravenevercross 19

I suggest you start referring to him as "that asshole" instead because he's definitely not worthy of being your dad. FYL.

There you go since he doesn't want you to call him dad, and daddio looks like dildo might as well call him that. See how long till he wants you to call him dad again.

Sounds like he cares more about her and her kids than his own. FYL

ThatFancyPenn 18

I can't imagine having a dad like that. My dad is married to another woman that's not my mom but her kids don't call him dad. Probably because they're all teenagers but still he favors me and my siblings over them ...

And that's how it should be . Not the other way around . What the actual fuck . Big time shit sack .

The period goes directly at the end of the sentence, for future reference.

r_bruce69 19

What should OP call him? Man who got his mother pregnant and raised him?

And the award for shittiest father of the year goes to...

Unfortunately, that's how it goes for a lot of people's parents when they start dating again or remarry. My own father acts all strange when I refer to him as "Dad" when my half-sister is in the same room. Ask your dad if he'd prefer "ass" instead.

What a jerk. If I were you I'd stop talking to him at this point. FYL

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

at least for a little bit..his dick move wasnt worth an entire life time of silence from his kid.

addioty 19

76, honestly if he doesn't want her calling him dad because his fucking stepchildren are uncomfortable, then fuck yeah I would be silent until he apologized and if it took a lifetime then so be it.

jasmine2301 25

In the meantime OP can call her ol' man by his first name. If that's not too disrespectful atleast.

88, the sad part is they're not even his stepchildren. just his girlfriend's children. calling him by his first name wouldn't be disrespectful I'd call him "daddy-day-douche"

Doesn't seem like a man you'd want to call dad anyway.

WeAreAHurricane 14

That was the deepest response to this possible.

Oughta call his gf dad and him mom. See how much that messes with their heads. Oh and call the gf's kids Overdue aborted mistakes.

CrazyGirlfriend 21

131, overdue aborted mistakes? that was just too far...they havent done anything wrong.

Well, start calling him father.

I call bullshit on that

And the worst father of the year award goes to....

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

uh no. theres worse fathers.

addioty 19

But not by much.

thrAsHeRr9081 16

Uh, no. There are much worse.

I wonder how old OP is? Even if you are 20, 30, or older your dad sounds like an asshat. I'd call him old man just to screw with him.

Well, let's see. You could call him Papa, or Father, or jackass, or jerk-off, or crap-head, or just plain old idiot. The possibilities are endless, really.

Personally, I like your use of the term Craphead. I would probably actually use it in this situation(:

your dad is a dick, and apparently needs some sense smacked into his head.... Jesus parents these days

Man i thought you said he needed some sense slapped into his dick. Jesus Christ i need to pay more attention to sentences. Lol

No, she said he needed some sense slapped into the head of his dick.