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  bishoprsv2  |  0

What are you, some little girl, OP?

When my appendix burst, I ripped it out the excess organs and licked all the poisonous liquids. Then I stapled it shut and played extreme fist bump with my stomach. I won.

By  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

YDI for having a dog, having surgery of ANY kind for ANY reason, for having furniture in your house (wtf is wrong with you?!), and for even having an appendix in the first place, you mutant freak!

  kathira120  |  3

is it just me or is anyone else sick of these stupid 'YDI' things? how does op deserve having their stomach jumped on after surgery? joke or not, it's stupid!

  MetalFish  |  0

I see Kathira's point, most of the time they are trying to be funny but epically failing.

Some are genuinely hilarious though. I can take it or leave it.

Back on topic: I modded this one :D

FYL OP, but don't lie on the floor when your dog is about anyway!