By Anonymous - Malaysia
Today, I came to a realization that the closest people to me in my life, the ones who are warm and welcoming, who're happy to see me, who honestly wanna know how I've been and how I feel, whose smiles make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, are the baristas at Starbucks, not my actual 'friends'. FML
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  Jbiebs82  |  0

I thought i'd share this with you that happened today and was at starbucks.
Today, my friends and I went to starbucks for drinks because I just payed my bills and they wanted to buy me coffee. As we all walked into starbucks and ordered coffee the lady made mine and handed it to me. As I was reatching for it she dropped it and it spilled on me. I went to the bathroom and wiped it off. When I came back none of my friends were there. She handed me a bill. Our coffee all together was over 100 dollars. They each orded 10 coffees. There was me, and 2 others. FML

By  Intoxicunt  |  5

These "Today, I realized (or realised)..." FMLs are kind of annoying. Yeah, today you're a loser, as you were yesterday, the day before, and the day before. I thought this was for "everyday life STORIES" not realizations/lame epiphanies.

Sorry. Rant. Anyway, FYL.

  MoobyTheCow  |  2

I mark all epiphanies as "YDI." If it took you until today to realize that you have no friends or that you still live at your parents' at 30 or that you're fat, you definitely deserve it.


You know what I hate? People who think friends are supposed to give a shit about your day and how you feel, guess what, no one cares besides yourself, you are insignificant, do not share your insignificance with other people. Unless you are, ofcourse, the reincarnation of Jimmi Hendrix.


You clearly have friends who think scraping their knees is the end of the world, whenever shit goes down and everyone is down no one is talking about how shit they're lives are to everyone, we just put up with it and go on with our lives.

  steamship  |  0

But completely true. I work at starbucks. There are rules detailing how exactly to pretend to care. But the customers are too vapid to be bothered by such blatant insincerity.

  myrrh  |  0

No kidding. If I'm on a lunch break at my job at Starbucks, 99% of my customers had damned well better not come strike up a conversation. I'm paid to "genuinely" care about you. If I'm off the clock, bugger off.

By  Intoxicunt  |  5

Ok, not to be a grammar nazi, but I really don't know the answer to this:

Is "who're" a word? It's not red underlined, so I'm thinking it is. It just looks too much like "whore".

  palleas_fml  |  0

the interesting point for me (not being an english speaking native) would be to guess at how that would be pronounced exactly :p

definitely not whore (except maybe for a voluntarily ambiguous statement ^^)

  prufrockin  |  0's a contraction. most contractions are grammatically correct, even if they look weird. "amn't," for example, is a legit contraction for "am not," even if very few people would use it aloud.