By RachelDC - United States
Today, I noticed a string was following behind our family cat. After close inspection I realized it was a plastic kite string he partially digested. I had to pull the other three feet of plastic kite tail from his rectum. He purred the entire time. FML
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  gwenhwyfaer  |  0

In case you weren't aware of this, cats habitually purr when they're in pain; it's not unknown to find a cat that's been hit by a car purring its heart out. It's thought that purring stimulates the production of something resembling opioids. Her cat was probably in agony as it had three feet of plastic pulled through its intestine.

The submitter of this FML needs to (a) count herself VERY lucky that her cat is still alive; (b) get the cat to a vet ASAP to be checked over; and (c) should it ever happen again, take the cat to the vet INSTEAD of trying to unravel its arsehole.

  melanijade  |  0

I agree with 43. I don't think people understand the fact that cats purr whenever they're emotional. My cat was giving birth, looking scared, and purring at the same time.

  cha40_fml  |  0

yea you should have taken your cat to the vet. it happened to mine and the vet said it could have been bad because it could have been wrapped around the intestine or something and have damaged the intestines if we had tried to pull it out. poor cat :(

  vanaathiel  |  13

Yes yes yes! You beat me too it # 76, you should NEVER take it upon yourself to do that unless you are a) a vet or b) a vet could have really damaged your cats intestines. I'd take it to a vet ASAP for a check up just to be certain...and watch what you leave around from now on, chances aree if he ate it once he'll eat it again.


You are completely right. This FML didn't make me laugh, it just made me sad.

OP, listen to #43. Take your cat to a vet ASAP. If you damaged her intestines by pulling that string, she may not have much time left...

  moomoo88  |  0

Maybe they didnt realize how long this string was. The exact same thing happened to me actually, so i cant believe this FML is up here. deja vu. But with my cat it was thread and wasnt that long, and shes absolutely fine. It's been almost a year since that happened. The only person affected was me, traumatized that there was resistance when pulling out the string and that the part that i pulled out was brown. ICKY.

  harmony88  |  0

Very true.... many animals have a habit of eating long indigestible materials and rather than being fortunate enough for it to come out the other end, it lacerates their intestines to shreds.

  GtDriver  |  6

Actually, the kite string used today is nylon. 5-7 little tiny strands of nylon twisted together to create one think sturdy strand of nylon that can resist up to 25 mph wind bursts. I fly kites all the time.

By  kLow_fml  |  0

mmm delicious... i used to have to do that to my dog with abnormally long piece of grass... maybe they should hook up
it's definitely an FML if that is the most erotic thing you've done in a while...

By  sweaterlady  |  0

No other FML has ever made me laugh this hard!
Sorry it had to be you, though.
Now your cat will be looking for string to eat all the time, waiting for his "special treat" the next day!