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Today, my friend, who I'm moving in with, flew up to drive from Pennsylvania to Texas, where she lives, with me. I went to the airport to pick her up and we discovered she accidentally flew to the wrong airport. On the other side of the state. I'm driving through the night to rescue her. FML
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I'd love to know because you can't get onto the wrong plane in most major airports, with that level of security it would be so easy to do

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It's quite possible that when she was purchasing her ticket, she selected the wrong destination airport in PA. That's the only way this makes sense to me.

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If you don't know the state well and you don't research so you just book a flight to the state your friend lives in

Most states will have an all airport button you can click to see if it's cheaper to fly to a diffrent one in the same state (usally not to far away from your destination). She probably didn't realize which air port it was and just bought the ticket.

Until I hear differently I prefer to assume that she was, in fact, wearing a cape the whole time.

Hopefully it didn't DRIVE you crazy!

There's really no point in making puns if you're just going to capitalize them. You need to bold, italicize, underline, and overline your puns to ensure people get them.

Literally this. Many a good puns have been ruins by all caps because it makes it look try hard

So she flew into Pittsburgh instead of Philadelphia or vice versa?

A road trip, eh? Well hey. As long as the car is comfy, and he scenery is nice, it can't be that bad!

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Well OP is driving through the night so there's not much to see but darkness.

You'll be surprised what you find in the shadows..

So you live in Pennsylvania, she lives in Texas... You're moving to Texas to live with her... And she flew up to Pennsylvania to help you move and drive down to Texas. But she flew to the wrong part of Pennsylvania. So hopefully you were able to take your stuff with you to pick her up so that you can just go straight to Texas? But that would also suck to haul all your stuff that distance. And how do you fly to the wrong city? Omg my brain hurts.

Thank you for clarifying what the OP meant. I honestly had no idea how to draw this out in my head geographically because of the way it was worded. You saved me a lot of time and a headache lol.

Same here, the wording was very confusing. Thanks for untangling that.

Oh good! At first I thought I was being silly and would be downvoted but I posted anyway hoping it would help someone else. I was super confused at first.

Yeah, I was thinking they were driving across Texas to rescue the friend. That would have been much worse, haha.

On the flip side, these things makes great memories to look back to

Please don't listen to her directions on the way to Texas. I'd hate for you to end up in Seattle.

At least it wasn't the other way around and she flew to the wrong side of Texas.